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Turner Duckworth

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portfolio for the award winning agency. None of the work in this is mine. I am using this portfolio for an educational resource.

Text of Turner Duckworth

  • Coca-Cola Visual Identity

    What We Did LogoBrand StrategyPackagingVisual Identity

  • The Coca-Cola Company Brand redesign

    We set out to re-establish Cokes iconic status. The result is a cohesive visual system that extends across media in creative and surprising ways.

  • Our designs clarify Cokes identity by celebrating its core brand elements.

    The Coca-Cola Company Brand redesign

  • We emphasized the positive and authentic qualities that make Coke a great brand, and then injected a little fun into everything.

    The Coca-Cola Company Brand redesign

  • The Coca-Cola Company Brand redesign

    Black and silver give Coke Zero masculine appeal. Its not a diet drink, its the real thing with zero calories.

  • The Coca-Cola Company Brand redesign

    Our design brings simplicity and clarity to Coca-Colas brands, strengthening the family connection while enabling each to communicate its unique personality and style.

  • Amazon.com

    What We DidLogo Brand Identity

  • One of the most recognised logos in the world brings a human touch to an exclusively clicks-based business.

    Amazon Brand redesign

  • Amazon Brand redesign

    From A to Z. A smile and an arrow saying were happy to deliver anything, anywhere.

  • Amazon Brand redesign

    One of the most recognized logos in the world brings a human touch to an exclusively clicks-based business.

  • Waitrose

    What We Did Brand Strategy Brand Identity Packaging

  • Waitrose Pizza

    Waitrose has been our client for over 20 years. We like to think our designs reflect their values. Effective, with style. Sales with wit. Originality, with relevance.

  • Waitrose Canned vegetables

    Even the most basic products can look beautiful.

  • Waitrose Premium dried fruits

    These dried fruits are all about very particular products. Close up shots show the individual characteristics of the fruitsand of course look deliciously beautiful.

  • Waitrose High fruit jams

    These High Fruit Jams have the highest fruit content among reduced sugar jams. With delicious fruit images high on the uncluttered label, the message cant be missed!

  • Waitrose Sausage and bacon

    Our Sausage and Bacon pack designs boost shelf presence and express the products superior quality, flavor, natural ingredients and outdoor bred pork message.

  • Waitrose Adult carbonates

    That fruit pattern? Well, thats what a complex fruit infusion looks like.

  • Waitrose Curry sauces

    Those spices? Authentic combinations as sourced directly from the spice markets.

  • Waitrose Cookies

    Those boxes? Boxes of biscuits are fine. But bags of cookies, so much nicer.

  • Waitrose Dunkin cookies

    Those cups? Each one reflects the ingredients of the cookie. Permission to dunk.

  • Waitrose Ambient desserts

    Those illustrations? Delicious desserts of old, with modern convenience.

  • Waitrose Crush

    Those heart-shaped fruits? The juciest juice bit right from the heart of the fruit.

  • Waitrose Dried fruit

    This range of cooking ingredients is a store cupboard essential. Because these packs are resealable, there is no need to decant them into storage jars any longer.

  • Waitrose Continental biscuits

    Swirling chocolate imagery hints at the delicious experience in each pack.

  • Waitrose Better honey

    The special relationship between bumble bee and blossom is what makes these honeys so tasty.

  • Waitrose Best honey

    Location, location, location. These honeys owe their taste to provenance and blossom.

  • Waitrose Honey

    A simple type design uses the E in HONEY to form a bees stripy body while also hinting at a wooden honey twizzler stick.

  • S.A. Brains & Co.

    What We DidLogo Brand Strategy Brand Identity Packaging Structural Packaging Design Guidelines

  • S.A. Brains & Co. Brand repositioning

    From a brand stuck in the past to Wales national brewer, Brains won accolades as brewer of the year, company of the year and delighted shareholders with a 24% rise in profits since the redesign.

  • S.A. Brains & Co. Challenge

    To reposition S.A.Brains as the national brewer of Wales. Forward thinking was the point of clarity.

  • S.A. Brains & Co. Design idea

    Modernise the logo and turn the dragon to face forward towards England (the old enemy!)

  • S.A. Brains & Co. Design

    Every design element is distinctive and can be owned by Brains. From the drawing and crafting of the dragon logo itself to the structural designs of the pump clips and bar founts.

  • S.A. Brains & Co. Design system

    Creation of implementation guidelines and subsequent policing and guardianship of the brand look.

  • S.A. Brains & Co. Details

    The sponsorship of the Welsh rugby team made Brains a household name. It was lifted to further fame when the Welsh rugby team played France in Paris. French law prohibits alcohol advertising on TV so instead of printing Brains on their shirts we printed Brawn. It received a huge amount of pr being mentioned everywhere from the BBC to The Times and became the talk of Wales, even spawning its own line of Brains & Brawn merchandise.

  • S.A. Brains & Co. Results

    Sales up 28% Profits up 24% Brewer of the year 2005 Company of the year 2006 Design Week award nominee 2006 Benchmarks finalist 2005

  • Shaklee Get Clean

    What We DidLogo Brand Strategy Packaging

  • Shaklee Get Clean Brand redesign

    Shaklees green cleaning products depict home life and natural elements together in surprising ways. Reusable bottles and a sticker encourage consumers to create their own dilutions from the concentrated products, helping to reduce waste.

  • Shakleebaby - Brand creation

    Turner Duckworth designed Shakleebaby to communicate the product lines focus on safe, organic ingredients. The label illustrations of babies help differentiate the range of products and create a playful personality, while the gentle color palette and soft touch paper labels reinforce Shaklees environmentally friendly mission.

  • Shaklee Vitalizer - Brand redesign

    Our design for Shaklees nutritional supplements communicates a wide range of health benefits with photography collages comprised of product forms.

    The embossed pill forms represent the many nutrients that build a foundation for vitality and wellness.

  • Liz Earle

    What We DidLogo Brand Strategy Packaging Retail Design Literature Website

  • Liz Earle

    Our original inspiration for the Liz Earle brand was combining a natural leaf with a molecular flower to signify the best of science and nature combined.

  • Liz Earle Brand creation

    Liz Earles recipes use natural ingredients at levels that work actively to improve your skin. Weve really got under the skin of the brand, designing and overseeing everything the company produces for the last 10 years.

  • Liz Earle Design idea

    Inspired by the Naturally Active skincare point of clarity, we designed a logo that literally combines science and turns it into a natural flower. The soft colours communicate the gentle nature of the products.

  • Liz Earle Design idea

    Across all areas of the Liz Earle customer experience from packaging to literature to online to retail we continue to help the brand create powerful emotional connections in new and exciting ways.

  • Liz Earle Design idea

    Christmas gift packs (usually when brands lose their sense of style) add delight when you open the boxes and reveal the natural wintery scene.

  • Liz Earle Results

    Our partnership with Liz Earle spans more than a decade. What began with two people in their kitchen is now a dynamic company with more than 300 employees and an expanding global customer base.

  • Fat Bastard

    What We Did Brand Strategy Packaging

  • Fat Bastard Brand redesign

    We redrew Fat Bastards hippo icon and perched him on the label to help celebrate the wines whimsical personality and full-bodied flavor.

  • Dolby

    What We DidLogo Logo Architecture System Look-and-feel

  • Dolby Visual identity redesign

    Dolbys technology breakthroughs continue to redefine entertainment experiences, but its aging brand reinforced outdated perceptions of Dolby as merely an audio company. We simplified and updated its familiar logo for a more contemporary, sophisticated look.

  • Dolby Visual identity redesign

    Sure, the Dolby logo looks impressive when its three metres high on a giant cinema screen. But the logo most often appears very small on the front panel of consumer electronics. So every millimeter, every detail counts.

  • Dolby Visual identity redesign

    Our new logo system makes Dolby the hero in every configuration, and it provides consistency, clarity and the flexibility to adapt and grow.

  • Virgin Atlantic Airways Brand Attitude Guide

    What We DidBrand StrategyLiteratureCopywriting

  • Virgin Atlantic Airways Brand Attitude Guide

    Understanding what makes Virgin Atlantic Airways tick. We produced this book to inspire others to think the same way. To think Virgin.

  • Virgin Atlantic Airways Brand Attitude Guide

    Taking the visual language of international airports we encouraged people not to think in the bland way some airlines do, but to add wit and attitude to their work.

  • TaB energy

    What We DidLogo Brand Identity Packaging

  • TaB energy Brand creation

    The first energy drink created for women and Coca Colas most talked about launch in 2006.

  • John Smiths

    What We DidPackaging

  • John Smiths - Brand redesign

    Refreshingly no-nonsense design for the last 10 years.

  • Neals Yard Remedies

    What We DidLogo Packaging

  • Neals Yard Remedies Brand redesign

    The famous blue bottles are very distinctive for this highly ethical skincare brand. The logo shows the tree of life which has the roots beneath the soil and the tree above in perfect balance.

  • BOA Housewares

    What We DidLogo Brand Identity Packaging

  • Boa Brand creation

    A new British-owned and -made kitchenware brand, with a strong design ethos. The project was in collaboration with product designer Paul Priestman of Priestman Goode.

  • Boa Brand creation

    The logo is very simple as well as distinctive, purposefully designed this way to work at its best when moulded or carved into the products.

  • Boa Brand creation

    The reverse of the packs are as interesting as the front to encourage stores to display the brand in a creative way, as well as the products themselves.

  • Amie

    What We DidLogo Brand IdentityPackaging

  • Amie Brand creation

    Amie French for female friend is a new range of natural skincare products for young women. Our design is, how you say...Fresh and funky? Oui. Vibrant and colorful? Ouais! Premium and gorgeous? Absolument.

  • Oakville Grocery

    What We DidLogo Brand Identity Packaging Retail Design Literature

  • Oakville Grocery Brand identity

    A curious bunny in search of tasty nibbles stars in our visual identity system created to capture the thrill of discovery that Oakville Grocery shoppers experience.

  • Oakville Grocery Brand identity

    Now an upscale boutique grocery with additional locations, our redesign helps reassert and celebrate Oakville Grocerys wine country roots, heritage and community values.

  • Oakville Grocery Brand identity

    Our design reflects Oakville Grocerys friendly, quirky personality with its crowded store design thats jammed with good stuff.

  • Steel Reserve

    What We DidLogo Brand Identity Packaging

  • Steel Reserve Brand creation

    With industrial strength as the point of clarity, our Steel Reserve redesign earned a Gold Clio for redefining the malt liquor category through a sophisticated, authentic approach.

  • Royal Mail

    What We DidStamp Design

  • Royal Mail

    This special commemorative Royal Mail stamp honours the anniversary of the Supermarine Spitfire.

  • Royal Mail

    We created specially commissioned Royal Mail stamps to celebrate British aircraft and their designers. If youre the type who sees faces in the clouds, our design holds a few fun surprises.

  • Royal Mail

    Red buses, post boxes, cream teas, rainy weather, phone boxes. Thats what makes Great Britain great. This special sheet of collectable stamps takes the Union Jack stamp theme and makes it even more British (in an iconic way).

  • Superdrug

    What We DidBrand Strategy Brand Identity Packaging

  • Superdrug Little Monsters

    Superdrug are the smiling, friendly face of health and beauty retailing, and a client of ours for the last ten years.

  • Superdrug Handy Wipes

    That ice lolly and that doughnut? They symbolise lifes little mishaps.

  • Superdrug Supplements

    We made the botanicals into design objects. nothing unnatural about that.

  • Superdrug Footcare

    These products are TLC for the feet, and the foot-print aptly demonstrates the end benefit.

  • Superdrug Toilet products

    Customising the toilet symbols to communicate the product benefits. You dont get much more down-to-earth than this!

  • Superdrug Bathroom accessories

    Who can resist a rubber duck?

  • Motorola

    What We DidGlobal Design System

  • Motorola Global packaging redesign

    This MOTOROKR package is part of a comprehensive global redesign of all Motorola consumer products. The mes-sage is clear and compelling: If you love music the MOTOROKR part phone, part MP3 player is the device for you.

  • Motorola Global packaging redesign

    Our global packaging system for Motorolas consumer products is built on the concept of contexture, using individualized backgrounds to express each products unique qualities and innovative packaging surprises consumers.

  • Motorola Global packaging redesign

    The MOTORIZR range features tattoos applied to the phones and distinct patterns, which are highlighted on the box with varnished surface textures.

  • Motorola Global packaging redesign

    The MOTOKRZR phones feature a highly reflective jewel-like finish that inspired the gemstone background in our design.

  • Kilo Kai

    What We DidLogoPackaging

  • Kilo Kai Spiced Rum - Brand creation

    Iconic, audacious and aggressive, the Kilo Kai logo embodies this upscale rum brands take no prisoners attitude.

  • Kilo Kai Spiced Rum - Brand creation

    Premium quality and authenticity that feels fresh, fun and irreverent. Bartender, gimme a Kilo and Coke!

  • Sovereign

    What We DidLogo Packaging

  • Sovereign - Brand creation

    Clean, confident design that connotes no-nonsense reliability. The right tool for the job.

  • Sovereign - Brand creation

    For men who love their tools. Powered engineering to help make a garden fit for a king.

  • Sovereign - Brand creation

    Strength, precision and a bit of wit for men seeking reliable equipment that makes gardening more enjoyable.

  • Schwarzkopf OSiS

    What We DidLogo Brand Identity Packaging

  • Schwarzkpf OSiS Brand redesign

    OsiS professional hair care products encourage style conscious men and women to experiment with new looks. Even the chicest brands need an occasional makeover too, so we gave OsiS its own new look. Radiant with renewed vitality and flair, OsiS is ready for its close-up.

  • Jamba Juice

    What We DidBrand Identity Store Graphics Promotions Literature Guidelines

  • Jamba Juice Visual identity design

    Our innovative new Jamba Juice design system features highly distinctive visual language that looks spontaneous and fresh every time you see it.

  • Jamba Juice Visual identity design

    Vibrant colors, handwritten type treatments, bold textures and lively imagery exude energy, fun and natural goodness.

  • Virgin Atlantic Airways Amenities Kit

    What We Did Packaging

  • Virgin Atlantic Airways Amenities Kit

    All airlines get you from A to B, but only Virgin Atlantic Airways do it with a sense of humour. Our task was to translate that sense of humour into an amenity kit that would keep you entertained.

  • Malvern

    What We Did Packaging

  • Malvern Brand repositioning

    Englands first bottled water brand springs from the Malvern Hills and is filtered through granite rocks. Following our third redesign of the brand, sales jumped 28%. One could say Malverns got a sparkling future.

  • Howling Monkey

    What We Did PackagingStructural Design

  • Howling Monkey Brand creation

    Our clients brief to us was, Howling Monkey is the name. Have some fun with it. So we did!

  • Belazu

    What We DidLogoBrand Identity Packaging

  • Belazu Brand creation

    At first glance the logo is an olive tree in a stylised landscape. On closer inspection its a hand proudly holding aloft the perfect olive.

  • Belazu Brand creation

    Created for a chef turned olive oil producer, obsessed with the quality of his product. Available in all the top groceries and in the permanent collection of the Tate ModernCaf.

  • Open Table

    What We DidLogo Brand Identity

  • Open Table Brand identity

    The Open Table identity speaks volumes with clarity and simplicity. Book a reservation at thousands of restaurants in North America, Asia and the UK quickly and easily.

  • Homebase

    What We DidBrand Strategy Brand Identity Packaging Point of Sale

  • Homebase Barbecues

    44,000 products ranged across five areas of a store. Homebase asked us to bring clarity and inspiration to all their customers. Our functional and style-led solutions work for both the experienced an inexperienced DIY-er or home enhancer alike. Homebase packaging is now an essential working tool, giving guidance, direction, and inspiration.

  • Homebase Paint set

    Notice how the illustration style shows you exactly what the product does, with a smile.

  • Homebase White Room

    Those oversized colour swatches? Becauses all the colours in this range are very subtly different, you need to see a lot of colour to see the difference clearly. (And it looks good, too!)

  • Homebase Flawless

    We designed the Flawless can based on a simple premise: show the customer exactly what they want to see, namely, the colours and finish (imagine that!).

  • Homebase Lighting

    That glow? Everyones attracted by the drama great lighting provides almost before we notice the light itself.

  • Homebase Lawn Feed

    Simple turf shapes describe the different purposes of each type of lawn seed and that the benefits go deeper than just the surface.

  • Homebase Cookshop

    These pans are so non-stick that even the labels look like theyre sliding off.

  • Vroom

    What We DidNaming Logo Brand Identity Packaging

  • Vroom Brand creation

    A new range of cleaning and care products for that special car in your life and the family runaround.

  • Vroom Brand creation

    Rarely at the top of anyones to-do list, cleaning the car is a necessary evil for most. But thanks to its onomatopoeic name, cheerful dog logo and stylish, understated graphics, our Vroom design uses style and wit to make an otherwise monotonous chore, dare we say, fun?

  • Root: 1

    What We DidNaming Packaging

  • Root: 1 Brand creation

    A celebration of the original Cabernet Sauvignon root stock, extinct in Europe since 1800 but still growing well in Chile.

  • Turner Duckworth Our Little Red Book

  • Turner Duckworth Our little red book

    This is our manifesto. A little red leather book with an A-Z of our beliefs and thoughts on what makes great design.

  • Turner Duckworth Our little red book

    To buy one of our award-winning A-Z books, please send a check for 20 / $40, payable to Turner Duckworth, to the studio thats nearest you. Well send your copy by return post.

  • Lilt

    What We Did Packaging

  • Lilt Brand repositioning

    Since Lilt is the original fruit crush, we literally crushed the design and type on the pack to evoke Caribbean dreams. Tortola, anyone?

  • Palm

    What We DidLogo Brand Identity Packaging Guidelines

  • Palm Brand identity

    Hand-held technology at the touch of a button. A global identity thats as easy to use as the products.

  • Palm Brand identity

    Our packaging design expresses the simplicity and satisfaction that Palm products deliver.

  • Popchips

    What We DidPackaging Trade Show Design

  • Popchips Brand creation

    We would have designed this savory new snack brand for the free samples alone. The design is so delicious youd never know that popchips areshhhhealthy.

  • Popchips Brand creation

    Our client asked us to keep it natural, make it fun and lead with flavor. Design touches like chips popping off the bag and the logotypes negative space o and i come together to convey taste with authenticity and wit.

  • Scott Howard Restaurant

    What We DidLogo Brand Identity Menu Design Restaurant Graphics

  • Scott Howard Restaurant Brand creation

    Beautiful, sensual photography lends visual allure and sophistication to make dining at Scott Howard a truly unique and memorable delight.

  • Scott Howard Restaurant Brand creation

    Our design for San Francisco chef Scott Howards eponymous restaurant reflects his exacting standards. Menus, gift cards and check presenters use intense close-up photography to celebrate the ingredients at a scale most people rarely see.

  • Scott Howard Restaurant Brand creation

    Scott Howard carefully selects the very best seasonal ingredients and extracts their essence to create dishes that are simply perfect. Our logo design reflects his precise methods by creating an arrow out of a carrot.

  • Scott Howard Restaurant Brand creation

    You can enjoy an exquisite culinary experience right here in our neighborhood, San Franciscos Jackson Square. Just look for the cool Scott Howard carrot!

  • Sparks

    What We DidLogo Brand Identity Packaging Advertising Website Promotions

  • Sparks Brand creation

    Positive/negative. A new energy drink with an alcoholic kick, a first on both sides of the Atlantic.

  • Sparks Brand creation

    Sparks is the first alcohol/energy hybrid drink. We designed the can to look like a battery and these ads reinforce that idea by showing the cans powering various machines.

  • Sparks Brand creation

    Wholesale adoption of energy cues acknowledged!

  • Sparks Brand creation

    The Sparks promotional designs convey energy without actually saying it. The style is clinical and clean, with cues from science labs, batteries and power plants.

  • Vital Oils

    What We Did Packaging

  • Vital Oils Brand creation

    Very small and very concentrated. The essential oils turna simple bath into a mood-shifting experience. The design shows a perfect drop on vivid pack colours that hint at the intense experience.

  • Ebookers.com

    What We DidLogo Brand Identity Website

  • Ebookers Brand identity

    The identity for Europes most successful online travel site positions eBookers.com as the destination for your imagination.

  • Diet Coke Plus

    What We DidLogo Brand Identity Packaging

  • Diet Coke Plus Brand creation

    Our design for Diet Coke Plus a new brand extension fortified with vitamins and minerals adds a subtle re-interpretation that says, this is the same Diet Coke you love but with something new and unexpected.

  • Moixa USB Cell

    What We DidLogo Brand Identity Packaging

  • Moixa USBCell Brand creation

    This rechargeable battery is simple to use, very convenient and better for the environment that the competition. Its made by a new technology company, Moixa, who have seen huge demand in the first few months since launch.

  • Moixa USBCell Brand creation

    The logo illustrates the product. The B is the same shape as the connector and creates a logo that looks like the battery itself.

  • Truce

    What We DidNameLogoPackaging

  • Truce - Brand creation

    Vodka and cognac together? This improbable duo unites to create an unexpectedly delicious concoction. Just like our logo.

  • Truce - Brand creation

    The bottles label is highly reflective, so its look changes depending on lighting conditions: sometimes the white lettering is more legible; sometimes the black.

  • What We DidLogo Brand Identity Motion Graphics

    SETI Institute

  • SETI Institute Brand identity

    Are we alone? The SETI Institute thinks not, and this dynamic and organic logo communications its mission and the technology behind it to find evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence.

  • Canpull

    What We DidLogo Brand Identity Packaging

  • Canpull Brand creation

    Our design for Canpull is visual simplicity itself. Graphicsand pack format combine to inform the consumer how the product works. No copy required

  • Canpull Brand creation

    Every element in the design works to show the gadgets function. Even the logo incorporates the ring-pull it so ingeniously levers open.

  • Dare

    What We DidPackaging

  • Dare Brand creation

    Grids partly obscure the models, adding a sense of allure and glamour.

  • Clean Slate

    What We DidNaming Brand Strategy Packaging

  • Clean Slate Brand creation

    A clean slate invites a fresh approach. Our evocative name and design reflect this German Rieslings crisp, clean character.