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  • Globalization of RadiologyBrian PhelanCEO, Imaging On Call

  • Radiology 10 years agoLocal FocusPatientProviderDiagnosisWorkflow: Paper and Film

  • Radiology TodayAdvances in technology have enabled:Better access to patient dataBetter collaboration among cliniciansEconomies of scaleCompetitionBetter served Trauma Radiology

  • Globalization is here.

    *Youll just touch on your main message here.

  • Challenges of GlobalizationTurf boundariesLicensingLanguage barriersCultural differencesLiability

  • Benefits of GlobalizationPatientsDecrease inCostsImaging Centers& Hospitals

  • In Conclusion:Globalization of Radiology provides better patient care for everyone

    *Youll just touch on your main message here.

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