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  • 7/26/2019 Under the Bridge Answer Keys


    Under the Bridge

    c Pearson Education Limited 2010 Under the Bridge- Answer keys 1 of 1

    PENGUIN ACTIVE READINGTeacher Support Programme Answer keys LEVEL 1

    Book key

    1.1Open answers

    1.2Open answers

    2.1 1 Yes 2 No 3 Yes 4 No 5 Yes 6 Yes2.2 1 angry 2 questions 3 empty 4 bad

    5 strange 6 dream 7 house 8 money

    2.3 1 at 2 from 3 of 4 from 5 to 6 to

    2.4Open answers

    3.1 a 6 b 2 c 3 d 4 e 9 f 1 g 7 h 8

    i 5

    3.2 1 e 2 g 3 f 4 b 5 c 6 a 7 d

    3.3 1 the babys dress 2 the person in the photo

    3 the small, yellow shoes 4 the bad men

    5 the house3.4Open answers

    Talk about itOpen answers

    Write about itOpen answers

    ProjectOpen answers

    Discussion activities key14 Open answers

    5 Example questions: Do you eat it or drink it? Is it

    big/small? Is it red/yellow/green/black etc.? Do you

    eat it in the morning/afternoon/night? Is it expensive?

    Does your mother or father eat it? Do you eat ithot/cold? Do you eat it in the summer/winter?

    6 Bea put her hand on Martins coat. Bea took some

    shoes from the tall house. There were tears in Beas eyes.

    There was a car in the street near the house. A young

    man sat with a book in the window. Bea had a picture

    in her head of a room and music. Bea looked at the pale

    face of a little girl in the window.

    7 Open answers

    Activity worksheet key1 a new > old b green > blue

    c children > money

    d light > dark

    e trousers > coat

    f bedroom > garden

    2 a important b quickly c questions

    d remembered e windows f feelings

    3 a all b found c any d on e finding f it

    4 a coat b bag c car d book e music f shoes

    5 a 7 b 3 c 7 d 3 e 7 f 76 a house b song c tears d letters e roof

    f family

    7 a A book of photographs.

    b Her little girl.

    c Red.

    d Her foot.

    e Yellow.

    f The tall, old house.

    89 Open answers

    Progress test key1 a cold b different c clever d quietly

    e sometimes f mouth g big h girl

    i newspapers j remembered

    2 a 4 b 1 c 6 d 8 e 10 f 2 g 5 h 9

    i 7 j 3

    3 a look b children c empty d nice e strange

    f lights g slow h phone i loud j famous

    4 a 6 b 2 c 10 d 5 e 7 f 1 g 8 h 4

    i 9 j 3

    5 a look at Bea.

    b nice smile.

    c the same question.

    d it was cold.

    e tall house.

    f sang it to him.

    g across the bridge.

    h into the water.

    i police car.

    j smiled.

    6 a at b were c quiet d the e sitting


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