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UpBeat – Autumn / Winter 2013

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Choral News from Edition Peters and Edition Peters Artist Management

Text of UpBeat – Autumn / Winter 2013

  • UpBeat

    Frankfurt/M Leipzig London New York

    Choral News from Edition Peters and Edition Peters Artist Management Issue 2: Autumn/Winter 2013

    The VOCES8 Method Start the school day with a musical wake-up

    Ola GjeiloNew works from Edition Peters

    Eriks EenvaldsNew music from Latvia

    Music for ChristmasCarols for every occasion

  • Edition Peters2

    Jim ClementsJim Clements is a British choral composer, arranger, orchestrator, and singer. He studied music at Manchester University where he began his association with VOCES8. He has written for numerous world-famous artists, including Tom Jones, The Kings Singers, Tim Minchin, and the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra. His music has been recorded on Decca Classics, Inertia Records, Priory Records, Signum Classics, and Universal Records.

    James BurtonJames Burton, one the UKs leading choral conductors and an acclaimed orchestral and opera conductor, has a considerable portfolio of compositions and arrangements to his name. A choral scholar at St Johns College, Cambridge, James went on to study orchestral conducting at the Peabody Conservatory. He has been Choral Director at the Hall Orchestra and has conducted the BBC Singers and many other UK-based choirs. Since 2002, he has been Director of Schola Cantorum of Oxford.

    Stephen Cleobury

    Stephen Cleobury has been Director of Music at Kings College, Cambridge, since 1982, during which time he has written many compositions, arrangements and descants for the choir, many of which have been heard throughout the world on radio and TV. His work at Kings has brought him into fruitful relationships with many leading orchestras and soloists.

    New Signingsfor Edition Peters


    clementsA BlessingSATB


    A BlessingSATB a cappellaEP 72484 1.25A New Heaven (p.6)

    On Christmas NightSATB & organEP 72458 2.20More Christmas music (p.7)

    The Angel Rolled the Stone AwaySATB & organEP 72456 1.80More on Kings College (p.10)


    CleoburyThe Angel Rolled the Stone AwaySATB and Organ



    BURTONOn Christmas NightSATB and Organ


  • Edition Peters 3

    Paul Smith, Bass in VOCES8 and CEO of Voces Cantabiles Music takes some time out of his busy schedule to talk about a new educational tool which uses music to improve learning

    What is the Method about?

    The VOCES8 Method uses a series of simple musical elements rhythms, body percussion, melody and harmony to wake up the voice, body and mind ahead of the school day. This musical series better prepares students for learning, particularly in areas involving numeracy, literacy and linguistics. Its designed to be fun and easy to use, taking up a short period of time each day, or even each week.

    How did you develop the idea?

    The idea for the book came from two points. The fi rst was a paper written by Susan Hallam at the Institute of Education (UK) exploring types of musical activity that have been proven to have a positive impact on the brain. The second was the work that I do with VOCES8 in classrooms around the world. In 7 years, weve worked with 120,000 students and teachers. All the aspects of the Method are based on ideas that I have developed and used during this time. The book is designed so that you dont have to speak English or be a specialist music teacher to to do all of the different parts. Ive had a great time putting it all together!

    Are schools and groups already using the Method?

    Im delighted to say that they are! Weve been piloting the Method in about 100 schools this year, providing a training session for a teacher from each school and then gathering feedback after six months, during which time the teachers have been leading sessions with their students and encouraging their students to take on lead-ership roles too. The feedback Ive received so far from teachers, students, choir leaders and senior management teams in schools has been very constructive and positive.

    Have you seen any unexpected benefi ts along-side the core objectives of the Method?

    The VOCES8 Method could be a gateway to a whole world of ideas for students. Rather than being all about music, the Method makes music a vehicle for learn-ing and preparing students for learning. The benefi ts seen in our pilot programme include better team work, leadership, self confi dence, improved mental health, co-ordination and learning capacity.

    Is there an app for that?

    Yes! We have created an app to sup-port the book which can be found via the VOCES8 Method website and also in the iTunes Store.

    Published August 2013The VOCES8 Methodby Paul SmithEP 72486

    The VOCES8 MethodStart the school day with a musical wake-up

  • Edition Peters4

    Second EveSSAATTBB a cappellaEP 72296 1.95This work is an attempt to capture the majestic nature of a photograph of Mount McKinley, Americas highest peak, in musical form. The words of the Ave Maria echo and enhance the music to create a powerful work for relative-ly experienced singers who are able to sustain its long and elegant phrases.

    ContritionSoprano Solo & SSAATTBB a cappellaEP 72419 2.25Contrition blends text from English poet George Herberts poem Perseverance with lines from Psalm 101 in Latin. The soprano solo line needs a strong voice to soar over rich harmonies and textures in the choir, whose lines are less demanding but need good breath control.

    Ubi caritas II: Through Infinite AgesSATB a cappellaEP 72427 2.25A sequel to his earlier Ubi caritas, this work reimagines similar material to create a lighter work. The in uence of chant is felt throughout, contrasted with the warm harmonies. Suitable for moderately experienced choirs, but focus will be needed on tuning and creating a warm sound.

    Evening PrayerSATB, tenor saxophone & pianoEP 72492 2.25As featured on the album Northern Lights (Chandos, 2012), a luminous work using the evocative sounds of voice, saxophone and piano. A great piece for larger choirs, the dialogue between the saxophone and voices will need a well blended sound from the choir.

    Song of the UniversalSSAA, piano & string orchestraEP 72403 ForthcomingLasting almost 12 minutes, this is an invigorating concert work for womens voices. Taking its text from the poetry of Walt Whitman, it spans a broad swathe of emotions with the composers usual air for touching harmonies.

    Ola GjeiloNew works from Edition Peters


    gJEILOContritionSSAATTBB Choir and Soprano Soloist



    GJEILOEvening PrayerSATB, tenor saxophone & piano






    GJEILOSong of the UniversalSSAA, piano & string orchestra



    gJEILOUbi Caritas II: Through Infinite AgesSATB Choir


  • Edition Peters 5

    VOCES8 A Cappella SongbookSSAATTBB a cappellaEP 72295 9.95The VOCES8 A Cappella Songbook includes many of the groups favourite songs and is a great resource for confi dent choirs looking to add a little excitement to their programmes!Contents: Feeling Good (arr. Clements) Fever (arr. Clements) Folksong Medley (arr. VOCES8) Erlknig (arr. Clements) Shenandoah (arr. Hewitt Jones) Opera Medley (arr. Clements) Wade in the Water (arr. Clements) The Luckiest (arr. Clements)

    Cantabile The London QuartetThe Great British A Cappella SongbookSATB a cappellaEP 72404 9.95The Great British A Cappella Songbook brings together some of Cantabile The London Quartets favourite arrangements of music from and about London and the British Isles adapted for SATB choir.Contents: Pastime with Good Company (Henry VIII) Greensleeves (Trad.) Oranges and Lemons (Trad.) Myfanwy (J. Parry) Danny Boy (Trad.) A Mans a Man for A That (Trad.) Pomp and Circumstance March No.4 (Elgar) A Foggy Day (Gershwin) Lullaby (Cantabile) All arr. Cantabile The London Quartet

    The Australian VoicesA Cappella SongbookSATB divisi a cappellaEP 72432 9.95A gold-medal winning choir with several YouTube hits to their name, The Australian Voices continue to surprise audiences around the world with their vocal acrobatics. This vibrant and engaging collection of works will inspire both singers and audiences.Contents: Kalkadunga Yurdu (Barton) To An Early-Flowering Almond (Hamilton) Other Plans (Young) The Keeper (Evans) Initialize (Hamilton) Diana (Hamilton) Stellar Mansions (Ng) To The Evening Star (Evans) The Facebook Song (Hamilton) Waltzing Matilda (arr. Hamilton)

    AnthologiesMusic from around the world


    10 Lieder fr SATB Vokalensemble

    10 Songs for SATB vocal groups

    10 Lieder fr SATB 10 Songs for SATB 10 Lieder fr SATB 10 Songs for SATB


    Eight songs foreight-part

    vocal groups

    Acht Songs fr achtstimmiges Vokalensemble



  • Edition Peters6

    From Edition Peters and Faber Music comes a new anthology of sacred choral works for mixed choir, with an introduction and practical rehearsal tips from conductor Simon Halsey.

    Exciting new choral works by some of the most highly regarded British choral composers of our time from Jonathan Dove and Howard Goodall to Judith Bingham and Jonathan Harvey

    Contemporary settings of key sacred texts such as Agnus Dei, Gloria and The Lord is my shepherd, for use in concerts, church services and choral evensongs throughout the year

    Includes accompanied and unaccompanied works for mixed-voice choirs (four to eight parts), from intermediate to more advanced level

    Introduction and commentary with valuable rehearsal and performance tips by