USACE Asset Management Program USACE Asset Management Program

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  • 1. USACE Asset Management Program Jose E. Sanchez, P.E. Asset Manager Relevant, Ready, Responsive, Reliable 1
  • 2. Why Asset Management? WE OWN IT WE MANAGE IT Short list Lifecycle Infrastructure 15000 Structures Management: 285000 Tracts of land Campaign Goal 3c- Deliver 12000 Buildings reliable infrastructure Includes (approx): Executive order 13327- 1000 Coastal Structures Right-sizing inventory 600 Dams 2500 Recreational Areas Budget Performance 250 Locks Integration- Program 75 Hydropower Assessment Rating Tool VALUE: $200 BILLION+ Its the RIGHT thing to do! Relevant, Ready, Responsive, Reliable 2
  • 3. Drivers Public Law 101-576, the Chief Financial Officers Act of 1990 and amended by Public Law 103-256, the Federal Financial Management Act of 1994 USACE Campaign Goal 3C Executive Order 13327, Federal Real Property Asset Management (2004) DoDs Business Enterprise Architecture and inventory instruction, DoDi 4165.14 (2006) Relevant, Ready, Responsive, Reliable 3
  • 4. Asset Management Asset: an item of value owned Federal Real Property Council: Constructed asset (Dams, Locks, Hydropower plants, rec areas) Management: to handle or direct with a degree of skill. To make and keep compliant Relevant, Ready, Responsive, Reliable 4
  • 5. Asset Management Defined Defined USACE: Managing the life cycle cost of infrastructure assets with innovative and adaptive strategies to ensure those assets continue to provide value to the nation and meet expected levels of service while mitigating risk Simply stated: Inventory (what you own) Indentify Condition (CA, RA, ...) Investment Strategy (min risk, max return) Relevant, Ready, Responsive, Reliable 5
  • 6. Asset Management - Data Sources Project Staff Risk & Reliability Periodic Inspections & Assessments FEM/Maximo SPRA/PRA Asset Economic Evaluations Management Impacts Underwater Hydraulic Steel Inspections Structures Annual Inspections Bridge Inspections Condition Inspections Relevant, Ready, Responsive, Reliable 6
  • 7. Asset Management New asset complete rebuild, changed demands best Initial state, condition grade A Strategy: Ideal [Major Rehab] Performance Level, best and continous Depending on C maintenance maintenance strategy [FEM] Strategy c [FEM] A B Strategy: no maintenance at all Structural capacity [FEM] [No FEM] Strategy b Strategy d Minimum Acceptable Level varies, depending on political, Strategy a [Major O&M] social and administrative consensus worst Failure Asset Age and Lifespan (in years) 20 40 80 - varies between asset types, construction, usage - Relevant, Ready, Responsive, Reliable 7
  • 8. Data in Geospatial Environment Asset management data is currently stored in table format Difficult to Visualize status of assets See overall status of a system Inefficient browsing of more than 10,000 assets Relevant, Ready, Responsive, Reliable
  • 9. Data in Geospatial Environment Relevant, Ready, Responsive, Reliable 9
  • 10. Standard IDs for Assets MR15-17949 Group Wingdams [in pool but upstream towards Lock 14] MR15-12561 Traveling Mooring Kevel and Rail MR15-12560 Dam-Roller gates 9-100x25, 2-100x21.75 MR15-12557 Main Lock and Auxiliary Lock MR15-12558 Visitors Center/Central Control Station MR15-12556 Operations Building MR15-13505 Maintenance, Shop Bldg 77x28 96.5x29.5 MR15-14647 Parking Lot Relevant, Ready, Responsive, Reliable 10
  • 11. Evidence of Data for Decision-Making Decision-Making A number of examples have been identified Navigation Feasibility Study HydroAMP RECBEST Dam Safety (sPRA) Other business lines still under development Document submitted and approved by OMB Relevant, Ready, Responsive, Reliable 11
  • 12. Where are we on Condition Assessments for Major structures? Mature methodology and complete across portfolio RECBEST Mature Methodology but not completely implemented across portfolio Dam Portfolio Risk Assessment Hydropower Northwest (HydroAMP) Developing Methodology but not completely implemented across portfolio Inland Navigation- Evaluation of Major Maintenance (MVD and LRD) Inland Navigation- Major Rehab Developing Methodologies Coastal structures (i.e. risk informed planning) Levees and floodwalls No National Methodology or implementation strategy Other Flood Control Structures Relevant, Ready, Responsive, Reliable 12
  • 13.