Using Existing Tools to Support Diverse Learners

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Using Existing Tools to Support Diverse Learners. Regional Technology in Education Consortia Presentation to Spring CUE Presenting from the WestEd RTEC Julie Duffield, Linda Ullah, and Kent Graeber February , 2004. 3 Things We Need to Consider. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Using Existing Tools to Support Diverse LearnersRegional Technology in Education ConsortiaPresentation to Spring CUE

    Presenting from theWestEd RTECJulie Duffield, Linda Ullah, and Kent GraeberFebruary , 2004

  • 3 Things We Need to ConsiderNeed to tailor instruction to meet student needs

    Technology as a primary change force

    Teachers as the key

  • Sit & ConsiderThink of the students you teach:Think of your most capable studentThink of 3 things s/he was good atThink of a student who struggledThink of 3 things s/he was good atHow different are those two students?How different are the things they were good at?

    Can we expect these two studentsto benefit equally from the same instructional program?

    Tailoring instruction to meet student needs -its not going away

  • Good news, good newsGood news for kids..Teachers focus & design instructionGood news for teachers..Technology is a key to differentiate instruction

  • Differentiated learning

    is a model of instruction that revolves around the belief that students learn in many different ways.

  • A Simple DefinitionA differentiated classroom provides multiple options for:XTaking in information

    Making sense of information

    Expressing what students learnCONTENTPROCESSPRODUCTS

  • What does PLB offer?a framework in which to make differentiated instruction possible.

  • A Process that features a teaching methodology that centers on a problem learner-centered educational methods learning from working with problems

  • Instruction is designed aroundEngagementExplorationInvestigationCreation& Sharing

  • Reflection:

    What are the shared philosophies between PBL and Differentiation?

  • A ThoughtPBL Curriculum offers a framework in which to make differentiated instruction possible.

  • The Case for TechnologyDurable learning starts with engagement.

  • It offers?Universal Design To Support Differentiation, Engagement and Learning

  • Technology enables more than a one size fits all Images from CAST

  • Digital media and materials allows for

    Digital media and materials allows forMultiple representationsDifferent learners use different aspectsScaffolding can be built in Other languages can be addedGeneral search tools like Google can be used

  • Tale of Two Cities It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age ofTale of Two Cities It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age ofStand & Consider:It is Flexible & Versatile.Images from CAST

  • Some Tips for Differentiated Instruction Using TechnologyUse graphic organizers Make the text talk (text-to-speech) Find electronic textUse Word featuresUse portable word processors

  • Using Graphic Organizers

  • Why use graphic organizersTop three reasons

    generate ideas (brain-storming, etc.)organize & display informationaid learning by explicitly integrating new and old knowledge

  • Why use graphic organizersA few more reasonsassess understanding or diagnose misunderstandingcan increase recall design a complex structure (long texts, large web sites, etc.) or communicate complex ideas

  • Who does it help?Students who benefit from seeing relationships between informationStudents who enjoy an interactive process

  • Factors Influencing Effectiveness

    Instructional context: Graphic organizers can be effective learning tools when implemented within a substantive instructional context, particularly a interactive/collaborative approach involving teacher modeling, student-teacher discussion, and practice with feedback.

  • Organization of Observations & IdeasVisual Organizers that allow text & images are good for seeing, reflecting and modifying students ideas & concepts and connections among them

  • Text to Symbols

  • Ideas for graphic organizersWebbing

    Concept mapping


    Flow chart

    Venn diagram

    Time line

  • Examples within PBL ProcessAssessing Prior Knowledge around a problem (e.g KWHL)Setting Up the Problem (P/S Outline)Deciding on the Project (Spider Map) Students Choosing a Topic Setting Up the Problem/Quest

  • Assessment e.g prior knowledge using KWHL ChartKWHL Chart

  • Deciding On The Topic

  • Setting up the problem

  • Exploring and InvestigatingBeginning Research (Compare & Contrast)Note Taking SummarizingMaking a Content Map

  • Researching for Compare & Contrast

  • Assessment

    Pre/Post (KWHL)SummarizingCreating a Rubric (Rubi Star)Demonstrating Understanding(Duck)

  • Demonstrating understanding

  • Graphic organizer generators

  • Bonus: Visualization of ProcessesCommerical Visual Thesaurus

  • Making the Text Talk

  • What is talking text?

    Words on the screen are read by the computer, on command. In some cases, the words need to be highlighted first.allows reading of individual words or with word processors, websites, and more.often called text-to-speech.

  • Who does it help?

    Those who could benefit from auditory input to support reading and finding information

    Students who struggle with the task of composing grammatically correct sentences;

    Those who could benefit from hearing omissions or inaccuracies in their work;

  • What does research say?

    If a great deal of effort goes to sounding out words, energy for comprehension is reduced.Many students improve editing and proofreading.Hearing ones own words is rewarding and motivating.

  • Using talking textin PBL as part of Exploration & Investigation researching information on the WWW /Internet read aloud to support different readers

    as a differentiation that allows a choice in how to access content

  • PBL ExamplesGraphic Organizers (e.g Setting Up the Problem, Scaffolding audio word lists,)Word Processing (Product, Paper, Summary)WWW

  • Exploring and InvestigatingResearch on Internet

    Low tech- various books at different reading levels, interviewing different folks

    Internet read aloud can scaffold learning by providing a multi sensory access to content

    Supporting reading across the content areas

  • Assessment/ReflectionGraphic organizer children explaining diagram Doing a Taking PowerPoint Presentation etc

  • Demo: Life CycleGo to Web Site on Life CycleCopy and Paste Text from Web into Word Processing E.g. Text from the WWW brought into Simple Text and Read Aloud Change the font

  • CAST Real Player Clip- Life Cycles

  • How to provide talking textMacintosh (10.3.1)Speech PreferencesFinder menu, System Preferences, Speech, Spoken User InterfacesSet Key to read highlighted text (Command plus L)Choice of voices & rate (under Default Voice)

  • How to provide talking text

    Macintosh (10.2 or earlier)Download free utility called HearIt as a control panel and restart.Set key combination (Hit Control plus \ to hear text.)(Select a key not frequently used by other software.)Works with highlighted text in any program Deselect text to stop the talking.(SimpleText also talks)

  • AppleWorks talks, as well

    Open a Word Processing document. Highlight text and click lips or text to speech icon in the button bar.

    If there is no talking icon in the tool bar:Open Preferences, Available buttons, Word ProcessingDrag lips into button bar, click done.

  • How to provide talking text

    Windows XP & 2000 - Free downloadsAlive Text

    Text Aloud is another option, also with free download :

  • How to provide talking text

    Microsoft Reader for Windows and the Text-to-Speech PackageWorks with Windows 98, 2000, EP, Me

  • Commercial products

    Not free but can be worth the expense.Write OutLoud ($99 or less)IntelliTalk ($140 or less) (Free 45 day download)CAST

    ALL highlight sentence and word within sentence as it is readallow reading by letter, word, or sentenceallow correction of pronunciationhave other helpful features, e.g. talking dictionary

  • Kidspiration talks

    The Talking Interface reads menus, buttons, and other program elements on-screen.

    The Listen tool (Symbol of an ear) reads the words in their projects.

    The Record command (click Record on the Goodies menu) can record sounds so they can be attached to symbols or ideas to expand and reinforce learning. This allows a teacher to record instructions for students to use in an activity.

  • KidPix talks, tooSpeech MenuRead Text AloudReads text entered with the keyboard, using typewriter keyText boxes will be read in order, top to bottomPick a VoiceDialog box with choice of voicesPreview to hear how each soundsClick OK to select a voice

  • Using Digital Information -Electronic Text

  • What is electronic text?

    Text stored as strings of characters.If you can select and change the font of text on the computer screen, its electronic text.

    Many books and historical documents have been converted to digital format, for access via computer.

  • Why Use E Text ?

    Specifically, electronic documents are usually searchable, modifiable, and enhanceable

  • For exampleVisual display can be varied Auditory display - good for pre-readingAllows embedding learning supports in contentPre-reading background, definitions Summary Key questionsAllows students to copy/paste, or otherwise manipulate the text.

  • Who does it help?

    Those who have trouble reading standard print from booksThose who need additional information or supports placed immediately near the relevant text.Those who could benefit manipulating or interacting with the text.

  • PBL: Different ways to engage with the content

    Can be changed during use to meet the needs of the reader

    E-text often allows students to choose their own font and font sizeMay have features so students can add: their own documents and images to the bookor annotate the text with personal observations in the form of notes.

  • Exploring and Investigating: SearchableHelpful if researching a topic in a large documentStudying variations in how something is treated by the author over time If searching a set of web pages, readers may receive a list specifying all matches for the desired word or phrase, thus allowing easier access to a single desired occurrence and easier comparison of multiple occurrences.

  • UDL Design Rubric for reviewing digital media

  • EnhanceableResources designed to enhance text use and comprehension can be embedded into an electronic book by the developers or by teachersResources support students' understanding of the text (e.g., definitions, explanations, pictures ) extend their learning (e.g., background information, primary source material, links to related documents (Note: different types of embedded resources have different functions

  • How to find digital textHow to find digital textFree or almost free books onlineCAST e-Text Spider: Searches e-Text repositories that index public domain materials and are free of charge.

    Benetechs BookShare, (Over 12,000 titles)

  • Historical Source DocumentsWhen in the Course of human Events, it becomes necessary for one People to dissolve the Political Bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the Powers of the Earth, the separate and equal Station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent Respect to the Opinions of Mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the Separation.

    We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created

  • Free Enhanced Books: Project INTERSECT

    Creating a set of digital books with a wide variety of resources to support comprehension, extend reading strategies, provide background information, improve content area achievement, and help students meet state standards.

  • Free Enhanced Books: Project INTERSECT

  • Free Enhanced Books: Project INTERSECT

  • Its here now - online interactive text books Enhancing text: Prentice Hall Interactive Text Books interactive textbook is the same trusted content with the same pagination as your print textbook

    Holt Online printed version, interactive tutors, classroom management tools, tests, journals, audio files, video files, and additional activities that engage students in the subject matter.

  • Selecting Digital Media via specialized search engines & directoriesSearch EnginesConsider Visual displays -Groker2 http://www.groxis.comKartoo http://kartoo.comNSDL http://nsdl.orgKids Search Tools

  • Selecting Digital Media directoriesMarcopolo

    Web Quest

  • Historical Source Documents

    The Library Of Congress American Memory Site in the Course of human Events, it becomes necessary for one People to dissolve the Political Bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the Powers of the Earth, the separate and equal Station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent Respect to the Opinions of Mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the Separation.

    We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created

  • Word FeaturesComputer-generated summaries

    How the text looks on the screenOther: Words Table Feature to make rubric,outline to make better topic choicesOrganization Chart - show 2 commons structures Using The Track Changes tool Annotation Feature for Peer editing and open dialogue

  • PBL:Exploration & Investigation

    Beginning Research Note Taking SummarizingMaking a Content Map

  • Examples within PBL Process: Word Table Feature for Concept Attainment

  • Demo: MS Word- AutoSummarizeLife Cycle PBL

  • Auto-SummarizeA tool that will

    highlight key sentences orextract key parts of a document

    Why?Pre-reading for meaningPost-reading to self-test or summarize

  • MS Word- AutoSummarize

  • How to Auto-Summarize

    Tools, Auto-SummarizeDialog Box gives choices on: % or size of summaryMethod: highlight, summary on top, etc.

  • Readability Statistics

  • Changing the display in WordFontSerif or sans-serif, size, and color

    Yellow text, serif fontYellow text, sans-serif fontBlue background, pink text

  • WhyWhy: Greater clarity for students having difficulty reading

    How: Preferences, General: blue background with white text

  • Consider: Text in audio form

    CD-Rom or cassette tapes Student comprehension improves when material has been added to help identify and locate informationhelp organize informationhelp students self-assess their comprehension

  • Use portable word processors

  • Why use portable word processors?Typing is easier than writing for some studentsWriting can be imported into other programs, for editing, enhancing, etc.Supports lesson plans that encourage cooperative learningHighly transportable

  • Who does it help?

    Students who struggle with paper and pencilStudents who are motivated by technology

  • PBL:Exploring & InvestingFieldtrip/Interviewing Recording: Students or adults take notes on 3-4 AlphaSmarts, of what the group saw, did, and learned.