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1. Match the words from box A to the words from box B to form collocations. Sometimes more than one combination is possible.


social; mortgage; healthcare; unfit; dereliction of;ethnic; notice ofsecurity number; debt; system; duty; cleansing; eviction; parent

1. _______________2. _______________3. _______________4. _______________5. _______________6. _______________7. _______________

2. Check your answers for exercise 1 and then match the collocations with the appropriate definitions:


1. Intentional or conscious neglect of ones assignments, work etc.

2. The amount of money that a person owes to a bank generally as a result of borrowing money to buy a property and of signing a legal contract to repay that money over a period of years

3. A nine-digit number issued to U.S. citizens, permanent residents, and temporary (working) residents with a view to tracking individuals for social security purposes.

4. A person who cannot care for a child properly

5. A statement informing somebody they have to vacate a property by a certain date

6. The practice of removing or killing people who belong to an ethnic group that is different from the ruling group in a country or region

7. The organization of people, institutions, and resources to deliver health related services to meet the health needs of certain populations.

3. Complete the following sentences using the collocations from exercise 1.

1. Getting a _____________________ is quite difficult in this part of the country since the immigration services are very much on alert with all these illegal immigrants crossing the border under the cover of darkness.2. There are many things that the United Kingdom government has done in recent years to improve the _________________. Enforcing some management principles on the way medical institutions are run seems to have had some very positive outcomes that outweigh the downsides.3. The officer was charged with a very serious ___________________ as he had walked out of the unit while he was supposed to be guarding the ammunition.4. That morning, when the family woke up, they found that a ________________ had been hung on their door. They knew that they were behind on their payments, but they were unaware that the situation was so serious.5. The process of ___________________ that was undertaken in the former republic of Yugoslavia is one of the most serious acts of this kind in contemporary times in Europe and it outraged the international community.6. In order to cover the ________________ and be allowed to keep their home, many families have been faced with very tough choices, such as getting second jobs, selling their valuable possessions, choosing public over private education for their children.7. More and more cases are brought to court in modern society regarding ______________ who do not physically or psychologically abuse their children but rather ignore them or neglect their emotional needs.

4. Complete the sentences below, using one of the verbs in the box in the right tense. Pay attention to the collocations they form.

to live to take to be x2 to battle to dismiss to go to make

1. After the police arrived at the scene and found the thief still in the house they __________ him into custody and took him to the police station.2. Since more and more people have been unable to pay their mortgage debts, more and more homes in large and small cities __________ into foreclosure.3. The general manager admitted that the budget for the next year was not what they had expected; in fact it was about 20% less than they had requested initially, but they ____________ do with what they got.4. The company ____________ in the red for the past 2 quarters. They need to do something to salvage the situation or they will go bankrupt very soon.5. More and more people ___________ on welfare in our society. The economic crisis has led to the loss of many jobs and homes, subsequently.6. Many young people start using all kinds of drugs as a way of unwinding or of socializing with their peers and before long they find themselves in a desperate situation. Some of them manage ____________ addiction and they fight for their lives, while others just slip away and die of overdoses.7. Although the prosecutor thought he had presented enough evidence to convict the murderer, the judge __________ the case on a technicality that the defense pointed out. The defendant went free and, three days later, killed another person.8. Politicians ___________ with the crimes they commit and they should stand trial even if they are in office when those crimes are discovered. This might, in my opinion, reduce the number of corrupt politicians.

5. Complete the following statements with one of the words or phrases in the box:deterrent famine capital punishment first offence

1. They gave him a very tough sentence considering that it was his ______________. The judge was very tough because he wanted to set an example.2. Some argue that the development of nuclear weapons is in fact a ______________ to nuclear war, not an encouragement. The more countries have this type of arsenal, the more secure they feel, and the less likely they are to want to use them to destroy their enemies and themselves implicitly.3. Somali children are the first image that pops to mind when anybody mentions ____________. The media has been feeding us images of underfed children with big bellies living on practically nothing and dying in huge numbers.4. The only way to prevent murders as vicious as this is the _____________ for convicted murderers. This way, at least, prevents them from being released and killing anyone else.



1. Complete the following text with the phrases in the box. You may need to change the form of some nouns.

media campaign; affordable housing; slim majority; unrivalled services; shadow government; binding contract; red tape; population survey; economic policy; forthcoming elections; faceless bureaucrats

There is a very tight race for the (1) _________________. There are two very strong candidates, both with very good strategies and (2) _________________ meant to get the country out of the difficult situation it is in at present. However, the word on the street is that only one of the candidates will definitely win because he has the support of the (3) _______________ , a group of people who control the countrys main business sectors. The polls show that this candidate has a (4) _____________ , but not enough for a sure victory. Both candidates are conducting serious (5) ______________ which focus on the tough issues that the country is facing such as a lack of (6) ______________ for young people who are just starting their lives together, or the countless (7) _____________ that make peoples lives difficult when they have to pay taxes or obtain documents from the state. The problem of (8) _____________ is also a campaign issue as it impedes not only economic processes but also the collection of money for the budget. The two candidates have suggested different ways of addressing these problems and of providing top-notch, (9) _____________ from state employees. Also one of the candidates has asked for an independent agency to carry out a (10) ______________ to find out what the people believe are the most important problems society is facing at present and what some solutions may be in their opinion. The other candidate has declared that if he wins the elections he will sign a (11) _____________ with the representative of the people which will state that if he does not implement his strategies properly and timely he will present his resignation.

2. Match the first part of each sentence in column A with its appropriate ending in column B:


1. There is a big meeting scheduled for tomorrow at the Ministry of Defense and consequentlya) get back into the swing of things after he had his heart attack.

2. The shadow government is starting to take action in order to b) seize power and overthrow the current leaders and possibly destabilize the country.

3. Preparations are underway for the upcoming NATO summit c) and they tend to breed resentment and even lead to street protests.

4. This kind of crisis-induced measures are not at all popular with the peopled) despite the fact that he is not doing very well in the polls at the moment.

5. The world started changing really fast, some would even say it started spiraling out of controle) our whole department is in a flurry of activity trying to solve last minute problems.

6. It only took the president three weeks tof) with the advent of computer technology and of the Internet.

7. The victims from the subway accident caused by a malfunction have hired a law firmg) and the whole city is in a state of alert with police and military forces everywhere.

8. Everybody believes that he will win the electionsh) and are suing to claim financial compensation for the trauma they underwent.

3. Choose the best word to complete the sentences:

1. Once slavery was __________ the large plantations in southern USA started having financial difficulties and were eventually sold.a) abolishedb) dismissedc) suppressed

2. The ____________ from the government may compensate the farmers for the loss of their crops but they will not help them in the long run.a) insuranceb) subsidiesc) funds

3. The _____________ population has finally had enough and they have rebelled against the corrupt regime and overthrew it.a) indignantb) oppressedc) repressed

4. The government will attempt to make a ___________ t