Vocabulary Related to the World of Work

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Vocabulary related to the World of workJob: noun/db/theworkthat you do inorderto getmoney: Hegotajobas awaiter.apieceofwork: Idida fewjobsaround thehouse.something that you have to do: Its my job towatertheplants.do/make a bad, good, etc. job ofsomethingto do somethingbadly, well, etc.: She did anexcellentjob oforganizingtheevent.do a bad, good, etc. job ofsomethingto do somethingbadly, well, etc. She did anexcellentjobplanningtheparty

work: noun/wk/effortmade inordertoachieveor make something ( trabajo)He has done a lot of work on thisprojectemployment (trabajo)I cannotfindwork in thistown.ataskor tasks; the thing that one is working on (trabajo)Pleaseclearyourwork off thetableapainting,book,pieceofmusicetc. (obra)theworksof Van Gogh / Shakespeare/MozartThis work wascomposedin 1816.theproductorresultof a persons labours/labors (trabajo)His work has shown agreatimprovementlately.onesplaceofemployment (trabajo)Heleft(his) work at 5.30 p.m. I dontthinkIll go to worktomorrow.Employ: verb/imploi/to give (especiallypaid)workto (emplear)He employs three keyboarders She isemployedas ateacher.tooccupythetimeorattentionof (ocupar)She wasbusilyemployed(in) writing letters.to make use of (emplear, utilizar)You should employyourtimebetter. Employedadjectivehaving ajob; working. (empleado)employee/em-/noun(employee) apersonemployedfor wages, asalaryetc. (empleado) Thatfirmhas fifty employees. Employer/noun/: apersonwho employs others (empresario, patrn)His employer dismissed him.Employment/noun/: theactof employing orstateof beingemployed (empleo)She was in my employment The newfactorywillprovideemployment for 300people.labour : (noun) UK (US labor) UK /le.br/ US /-b/ labour noun (WORK)C1 [U] practical work, especially when it involves hard physical effort:The car parts themselves are not expensive, it's the labour that costs the money.manual labour (= hard work using the hands)C1 [U] workers, especially people who do practical work with their hands:skilled/unskilled labourlabours [plural] literary all the effort and hard work that have been involved in doing a particular piece of work:Are you tired after your labours?West was paid very little for his labours.Retirement is the time to enjoy the fruits of your labours.jobseeker : noun [C] UK /dbsi.kr/ US /dbsi.k/ UK someone who is trying to find a jobcandidate : noun [C] UK US /kn.d.dt/ /-det/ B2- a person who is competing to get a job or elected position:There are three candidates standing in the election. a person or thing considered likely to receive or experience something:The English Department is a likely candidate for staff cuts.B1- UK someone who is taking an exam:Candidates must write their names on the top page of the exam paper.job hunting : noun [U] UK US (also job hunt [C]) HR the activity of trying to find a job:If you would like to know more about successful job hunting, ask for the leaflet " Get that Job".As part of her job hunt, she attended a networking event.job-hunting process/services/tipsapplicant: noun [C] UK US /p.l.knt/ a person who formally requests something, especially a job, or to study at a college or university:How many applicants did you have for the job?dismiss verb UK US /dsms/ dismiss verb (NOT TAKE SERIOUSLY)C1- [T] to decide that something or someone is not important and not worth considering:I think he'd dismissed me as an idiot within five minutes of meeting me.Let's not just dismiss the idea before we've even thought about it. Just dismiss those thoughts from your mind - they're crazy and not worth thinking about. HR, WORKPLACE to remove someone from their job, especially because they have done something wrong:dismiss sb for sth Salespeople may be dismissed for many reasons, the most common of which is poor performance.dismiss sb from sth He was dismissed from his job for 'serious misconduct'.Quiet: (adjective) /kwat/

if businessis quiet, there is not much activity: The foreignexchangemarketswere relativelyquiet. The FTSE 100 fell23 to 4719.4 as tradersbraced themselves for a quiet perioddueto today's US Thanksgiving holiday.Skill: (noun)/skl/[C,usually plural]a particular abilitythat you developthrough trainingand experienceand that is useful in a job:communication/interpersonal/negotiationskills Many young peoplehave never learned thebasic skillof good writing. Business/specialist skillsA growingpartof the charity's workis providingbusinessskills to developingeconomies. Improve/sharpen/upgrade skillsImproving your computerskills can helpyou findhigher-paid work. We are facing a growingskills shortagein sciences.leadership/management/organizationalskillsanalytical/practical/technicalskillshave/possess/lackskillsacquire/develop/learn skillsapply/use skills[CorU]an abilityto do an activitywell, especially because you have practisedit:He bringshis considerable skill and expertiseto the role.Experience: (noun)/ksprins/[U]HRknowledgeor skillthat you get from doing, seeing, or feelingthings, or the processof getting this: His knowledgeand experience will be a great assetto the boardin our future growth.Have experience of sthDo you have any experience of working with heavymachinery?Gain/get experienceAs we gainedexperience of interpreting the datawe were able to workfaster.Experience as sthThey employedsomeone with many years' experience as a mine regulator. Experience in sthTheir experience in marketingand promotion has broughtexcellent results.Work/professional experienceMy workexperience includesone yearas an accountsclerk, and two yearsas a shopassistant.Past/previous/prior experienceNo previous experience is necessary as fulltrainingwill be offered.Extensive/considerable experienceCarol has extensive experience in consumeradviceand tradingstandards.Practical/relevant experiencepersonal/first-hand/directexperience I have threeyearsof experience.by/from experienceI know from experience that the manager's jobdoes not end at closingtime.in sb's experienceIn our experience, the most successfulprojectscome from strong, diverse teams.[C]something that happensto you that affects how you feel: a good/great/positive experience: We want to make visiting the websitea good experience for all our users a.useful/valuable/educationalexperiencebe/provide/offer an experienceIt was an amazing experience to participatein the forum.Customer/shopping/learning experiencePeople who shophere careabout the customerexperience and the qualityof servicethey receive.task noun[C]UK/tsk/ US/tsk/WORKPLACEa pieceof workthat needsto be done, especially one that is a regularpartof someone's job: The new team's first task will be to ensure a smoothhandoverof power. Carry out/complete/do a taskThose in chargeof planningthe relocationwill need to decide what tasks need to be carriedout .assign/give/set sb a taskA smallteamat headofficehas been assignedthe task of setting up a centraldatabase.perform/undertakea taskabig/important/majortaskacrucial/key/maintasktime-consuming/urgent taskseasy/menial/simple tasksadministrative/creative/salestasksa difficult thing that must be done: a challenging/daunting taskThe governmentfaces the daunting task of restructuringthe pensionsystem.a difficult/hard/impossible taskWith the cost-cuttingcomplete, the bankis faced with the more difficult task of generatingincreasedrevenuesto convertinto profit.ITan actiondone by a computersuch as startinga program, checkingemail, savingfiles, etc. By automatingrepetitive tasks, softwareprogramscan savepeople a lot of time.do/execute/perform a taskA mainframe's speedis measuredin the numberof tasks it can performin a millisecond.take sb/sth to task (over sth)to criticize a person, groupof people, or an organizationfor doing something that you thinkis very wrong: Farmers took the large supermarketchainsto task over their ruthless pricing.activity noun UK/ktv..ti/US/-.ti/activitynoun(MOVEMENT)B2[U]the situationin which a lot of things are happeningor peopleare movingaround: There was a lot of activity in preparationfor the Queen's visit. Economists are concernedby the lowlevelofeconomicactivity. There was a suddenflurryofactivity when the directorwalkedin.More examplesactivitynoun(WORK)B2[CorU]the workof a groupor organizationto achievean aim: He was foundguiltyofterroristactivity.criminalactivitiesAssignment noun /sanmnt/[C]a taskor a pieceof workthat is given to someone to do, often for a limitedperiodof time: a six-month assignment Solving the industry's infrastructureproblems while satisfying shareholdersis going to be a tough assignment. Give sb an assignmentOur teamwas given an assignment to findthe gapsin the market.accept/refuse/take on an assignmentcarryout/complete/finishan assignment global/international/overseas, etc. assignmentOne of his first overseasassignments was as a juniorin a delegationto Moscow. Assessment for the coursewill be basedon fourwritten assignmentsand a finalexamination.[U]the processof giving someone a particular job, task, or responsibility: The restructuringwill requirechangingtheassignment of responsibilitiesand reportingrelationships.[CorU]LAWthe actof giving something that belongs to you, such as a propertyor a financialagreement, to somebody else: The Agreement will terminateautomaticallyin the eventof its assignment. Theassignment of alegalleasemust be in the formof a deedto be effective.on assignment:someone who is on assignment is doing a jobin a particular place, usually for an agreedamountof time: The photographer died while on assignment in the warzone.

duty nounUK/djuti/US/duti/(pluralduties)[CorU]LAWa responsibilityto do something because it is legallyor morally rightto do it: Every lawyerhas a strongsense of dutyand responsibility.a duty to do sthThey have a duty to ensure customersreceive soundadvice.be sb's dutyIt is your duty to announce any conflictof interest.do your dutyI feltthat I had done my duty in reportingthe incident to the police. It was allegedthat the companyhadfailedin its dutyto advisecustomersof the technicalaspects of the paint system.[C,usually plural]HRsomething that you have to do because it is partof your job: His duties includedphotographing engineeringprojectssuch as bridges and airfields. Perform/undertake/do dutiesPeople employedunder similar conditionsshould not be paidless than others performingsimilar duties. Teaching/cleaning/administrativeduties[U]HRone of the periodsof timethat a workingday is dividedinto during which someone works: night/day dutyDaniels volunteeredfor night duty so he could take classesat the University of Arizona.[CorU]TAX,COMMERCEa taxpaidon goodsthat are boughtor imported: duty on sthHe said that duty on a bottle of wine in France is equivalentto 2p compared with 1.16 here.impose/raise/increase dutyThe duty on housepurchasesof 250,000 or more was increasedto 2.5%.acut/rise/increasein dutyfuel/tobacco/petroldutyapplication noun /plken/[C]HRan officialrequestfor a job, a placeon a course, etc., usually in writing:an application for sthWe received over 250 applications for the post.make/submit an applicationYou can submityour application online.ajob/college/membershipapplicationtheapplication procedure/process[C]FINANCEan officialrequestto get something such as a loanor shares: turn down/refuse/reject an applicationHer mortgage application was refused. Grant/approve an applicationYou will receive the moneyas soon as your application is approved. Make/put in/submitan applicationaloan/creditcard/shareapplication[C]an officialrequestfor permissionto do something: an application to do sthOfficials have denied his many applications to adda second storey to his home.an application for sthHer application for asylum in Ireland was successful. Aplanning/licence/passportapplication[C]ITa computerprogramthat is designedfor a particular purpose: Email is the most often-used application. An errormessagereportedthat there was not enough memorytorunthe application.internet/web/Windows application anapplication programs/softwarereference noun/refrns/[C](abbreviationref)COMMUNICATIONS,WORKPLACEa set of numbersor letterson a documentsuch as a businessletter, used so that peopleknow what it relatesto:give/quote/use a referenceIn all future letterson this subject, please quoteour reference JW/155/C/2011.Please write with a fullCV quotingthe appropriatereference number.[C]HRa letterthat is written by someone who knows you, often a previous employer, to describe you and say if you are suitable for a job, course, etc.:give/write sb a referenceHis formerbossgave him an excellent reference.She hasgood referencesand an acceptable CV.check/follow up/take up referencesWe still need to recallthe candidatefor a second interview, and followup references.areference checkinterview noun[C]/ntvju/HR,WORKPLACEa meetingin which someone asksyou questionsto see if you are suitable for a jobor a course:an interview for sthShe has an interview for a new jobtomorrow.an interview with sbBefore getting a placeat university, you may have to have an interview with the headof department.tobe called for/invitedfor/selectedfor an interviewShe was very highlyqualified, but didn't evenget an interview. AjobinterviewsYoursecond interviewis likely to be more challengingthan your first interview. Interview techniquesMARKETINGa conversationin which someone is asked their opinionabout a productor service, so that it can be improvedor better advertised: carry out/conduct interviewsThe companyconductedresearchand interviews with customersthroughout the country.aface-to-face/telephoneinterviewCOMMUNICATIONSa conversationin which someone is askedquestionsabout themselves or a subjectthey know about for a newspaperarticle, televisionshow, etc.:an interview with sb/sthHe made the allegationsin an interview with the New York Times.an interview about sthI read an interesting interview about Smith's views on the oilindustry.take part in/give an interviewHe never gives interviews. Company officialsrefusedarequestfor an interview.a newspaper/radio/televisioninterviewovertime noun[U]/vtam/HR,WORKPLACEtimespentworkingafter the usual timeneeded or expected in a job:We have put in 15 hoursof overtime this week.The payis $7.75 perhour; $11.75 for overtime.extrapaymentfor workingafter the usual time: You can earnsome overtime by workingafter 6.00 p.m.eligible/ineligible for overtimeIf you work45 hoursa week and you are eligiblefor overtime, then you should get paidtimeand a half for five hours.be on overtimeEveryone is on overtime this weekend.freelance adjec...