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Warm up January 4, 2010. Do you form stronger friendships with same or opposite sex friends? Why do you think this is so? What does this reveal about you? . Types of Friendship. Girl-Girl friendships (Girls do this one only!!) -Based on -Talk about - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Warm up January 4, 2010Do you form stronger friendships with same or opposite sex friends? Why do you think this is so? What does this reveal about you?

  • Types of Friendship Girl-Girl friendships (Girls do this one only!!) -Based on -Talk about -Advantages -DisadvantagesBoy-Boy friendships (Boys do this one only!!) -Based on -Talk about -Advantages -Disadvantages

  • Types of Friendships

    Boy-Girl friendships -Based on -Talk about -Advantages -Disadvantages

  • Adolescence

    Social Development

  • Social Development

    Social development TopicsRelationships with PeersAdolescent FriendshipsDiff. Between girl-girl friendship, guy-guy friendship, girl guy friendshipCliques and CrowdsPeer InfluencesDating and Romantic RelationshipsChallenges of Adolescents

  • Erikson - Learning Identity Versus Identity Diffusion Learns how to answer satisfactorily and happily the question of "Who am I?" Even the best - adjusted adolescents experience some role identity diffusion: most boys and probably most girls experiment with minor delinquency; rebellion flourishes; self - doubts flood the youngster, and so on.During successful early adolescence, mature time perspective is developed.Young person acquires self-certainty as opposed to self-consciousness and self-doubt. In later adolescence, clear sexual identity - manhood or womanhood - is established. The adolescent seeks leadership (someone to inspire him), and gradually develops a set of ideals (socially congruent and desirable, in the case of the successful adolescent).

  • Relationships with PeersTransition from childhood to adolescents involves an increase in the importance of peersMore important in influence and emotional support

  • Most tend to have 1 or 2 best friends with many other good friendsSpend hours with friendsPhone conversationsTextingMy Space / FacebookRelationships with Peers

  • Purposes of FriendshipWrite down as many purposes of friendship as you can on your paperShare with class why is it necessary for us to have friends?

  • Qualities of a Good Friend Write down as many qualities of a good friend as you can on your paper -Girls share -Boys shareAre these different? Why?

  • Assignment (30 minutes)You are looking for a new best friend. Create an ad that describes exactly what you are looking for in a friend. What character traits are key?What beliefs should they have?Should they be religious? And so on.

  • So how do adolescents choose their friends?Usually similar in age, background, and educational goals. -Agree? Why or why not?Usually similar attitudes toward drinking, drug use, and sexual activity. -Agree? Why or why not?

  • Peer InfluencesParents worry that adolescents need for approval from friends will make them engage in risky or unacceptable behavior -Agree or disagree?Research suggests that peer influences are more likely to urge them to work for good grades and complete high school. -What do you think?

  • Stages of Influence Early -Peer pressure weakMiddleIncreasing peer pressure peaks at approx. age 15Begins to decrease at age 17

  • Why are we influenced by our peers?Feel better when we receive approval from peersPeers provide standards to measure self againstPeers may share the same feelings and they may provide support

  • What do Cliques and Crowds have to do with it?Cliques and crowds are types of groups that influence adolescentsCliques -Groups of 5-10 people who spend a great deal of time togetherCrowds -Larger groups of people that dont spend as much time together but share attitudes and group identity ex: cows and bulls

  • Cliques & Crowds

  • Cliques and Crowds

    What is a clique?What is a crowd?Positives of eachNegatives of each

  • A clique isAn exclusive group of people who share interests, views, purposes, patterns of behavior, or ethnicity. A clique as a reference group can be either normative or comparative.A normative clique or reference group is oftentimes the primary source of social interaction for the members of the clique, which can affect the values and beliefs of an individual. The comparative clique or reference group is a standard of comparison in which a clique can exist in the workplace, in a community, in the classroom, in a business, or any other area of social interaction.

  • Why do adolescents feel the need to belong to these?In search of stability and a sense of belonging

  • Peer RelationshipsDating and Romantic Relationships

  • What do we look for in a date?Girlswhat do you look for in a partner?Guyswhat do you look for in a partner?

  • Stages of Dating1. Adolescents place themselves in situations where they meet peers that they are attracted to.2. Group Dating3. Pair off in traditional 2-person dating

  • So, why do we date?Discuss

  • Dear Abby (Warm up 1/8)Write any dating question that you have on a piece of paper. Leave loads of room for a response.

  • Adolescent Dating ColumnYou are the advice giver of a popular newspaper for the adolescent section. Your job is to read questions from readers and respond in a newspaper style response (similar to Dear Abbey)

  • AdolescenceChallenges

  • Warm upWhat is the most difficult issue you have dealt with as an adolescent? Please be candid. I will not force you to share out loud but I will be collecting your papers today. I will be asking for volunteers to share. I will go first.

  • Challenges of AdolescenceEating DisordersAnorexiaBulimiaSubstance AbuseDrugs AlcoholJuvenile DelinquencySexuality & STDsCuttingTeen pregnancy

  • AssignmentResearch your topicGather the most important information that teens need to have about the issue at handPut the info into a blank power pointE-mail it to melanie.lindsey@venturausd.org or save it to your thumb driveYou will present this info to the class on the dates set aside.

    start here on Thursday with 1 & 5