Wayanad – the best honeymoon destination in india

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<ol><li> 1. Wayanad The Best Honeymoon Destination in IndiaHoneymoon time is an unforgettable experience in any couples life. It offers the perfect opportunity tobond with your beloved one as you start your new life together. While most people think of foreigndestinations to spend their honeymoon, what we forget is the numerous romantic destinations in ourown country, which are nothing short of being honeymoon-perfect.So where will you celebrate your most wonderful moments of your life? Well, it totally depends on yourpreferences, requirements and taste. Though the world is beautiful in itself with all the attractions andbeautiful destinations, if you are looking to spend these wonderful days in India, then Kerala should bethe perfect option for you.Kerala, popularly known as Gods Own Country, has a lot to offer for honeymoon couples. It has manyattractions and amiable ambiance to create that sheer romantic mood during your honeymoonvacations. The state of Kerala provides ample destination choices and activities for the tourists to enjoytheir time. Wayanad is one such beautiful place in India that has captured the imagination of all with itsscenic natural beauty and atmosphere.Wayanad, also known as the green paradise, is located among the mountains of the Western Ghats,forming the border of the greener part of Kerala. It is one of the most charming hill stations in SouthIndia. Gifted with beautiful and lovely locations, Wayanad is one of the most preferred honeymooningdestinations among couples from all over the world making their vacation a lifetime experience. Thereare many honeymoon resorts in Wayanad welcoming couples to enjoy the superb natural beauty withlush plantations of tea, coffee and spices; picturesque spots; and soothing and refreshing air filled withsweet fragrance of spice plantations. Wayanad is sure to lure you with its exquisite flora &amp; fauna.Vythiri Village is a luxury spa resort in Wayanad, embracing excellence and striving for the higheststandards to make a delightful and embellished treat for every visitor that comes to this Natures BestKept Secret.For more information on Resorts at wayanad and best resorts in Wayanad please visithttp://www.vythirivillage.com/</li></ol>