We Love Dogs, 80th Annual LAKEVIEW Easter Sunrise Memorial Park Has Added Additional Cremation Niches If your choice is cremation, we offer many affordable options. Our newest is

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  • VOLUME #12, Issue 1 SPRING 2011

    Serving four generations of families for over eighty years www.lakeviewmemorialpark.com

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    South Jerseys Most Beautiful Garden Cemetery a non-profit association A member of The International Cemetery & Funeral Association & The New Jersey Cemetery Association

    LAKEVIEW MEMORIAL PARK P.O. Box 2830 Cinnaminson, New Jersey 08077 (856) 829-3553


    Lakeview families may order $25.00 floral arrangements from our Office Staff. A two day lead time is requested and the purchaser will be billed for the arrangement. It is hoped this policy will be of help to those who live at a distance or who are in poor health and cant come in person to our Cemetery.

    Call our office at 856-829-3553 for details.

    80th Annual Easter Sunrise

    Service Sunday, April 24, 2011 6:30 AM

    LAKEVIEW MEMORIAL PARK Route 130 North, Cinnaminson, New Jersey

    On April 24, 2011, Lakeview Memorial Park will once again hold its Annual Easter Sunrise Service in cooperation with the

    TRI-Boro Ministerium. The Service will begin at 6:30 AM and refreshments will be served

    immediately following the service. The Service will be held rain or shine. Once again we are

    looking forward to welcoming the many families who continue to join us on this very special morning.

    Call (856) 829-3553 for more information

    Please note: Adornments inconsistent with the dignity of the cemetery are prohibited. Therefore, excessive holiday decorations that distract from

    Lakeviews natural garden setting are not permitted and will be removed.

    We Love Dogs, BUT!!... Please remember dogs are not permitted to run and play in our Memorial Park. The reason is obvious. Please do not take offense if when running your dog within our Park you are gently requested by one of our employees to take your pet to some other location.

    Help keep the dignity of our Memorial Park. NO DOGS!

    Floral Containers

    Families wishing to place flowers on interment sites

    of loved ones are welcome to use our free

    flower containers.

    These containers are in the blue barrel located on

    our office patio to the right of the office



    If you are not on our mailing list and wish to be, or if you have

    had a change of address, please call us at (856) 829-3553.

    You can also email us at info@lakeviewmemorialpark.com

  • Lakeview Memorial Park Has Added Additional Cremation Niches If your choice is cremation, we offer many affordable options. Our newest is the Glass Front Niche in the Mausoleum of the Apostles. You can choose from a single (holding 1 urn) or double (holding 2 urns). Beautiful Urns along with pictures of your loved ones can be displayed in these Niches. We also offer Glass-faced and Marble-faced Niches in our Mausoleum by the Lake starting at $600.00 each for a single Niche. To schedule an appointment or for any questions you may have, please call our Family Service Advisors for a personal tour.

    You are invited Lakeview Memorial Park has a memorial service on the fourth Friday of every month, recognizing the one year anniversary of a loved ones passing. Each memorial service is conducted by a member of the local clergy offering kind and inspirational words. Everyone is welcomed to attend these services. The service is held in our Mausoleum by the Lake and starts promptly at 10:00 AM. After the service, light refreshments are served. The upcoming memorial service schedule is as follows:

    Cemetery Location should be purchased before the need arises!


    KATHLEEN DAGOSTINO ...............Bookkeeping MARILYN BISHOP .........................Secretary ELLEN GUNN.......Secretary LISA BISHOP.... Secretary BOB SHAW .......Superintendent, Buildings & Grounds ROB LEWANDOWSKI .............Buildings & Grounds ADELFO MARTINEZ. Buildings & Grounds MICHAEL JUST, SR. .............Buildings & Grounds RYAN LEWANDOWSKI............Buildings & Grounds HANK KASPER .......Family Service Advisor RICHARD McMAHON ......Family Service Advisor

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    APRIL 29, 2011 10:00 AM MAY 27, 2011 10:00 AM JUNE 24, 2011 10:00 AM JULY 22, 2011 10:00 AM


    Board of Trustees DAVID B. STAHL, SR. ........President BRADFORD S. SMITH, ESQ....Vice President KATHLEEN DAGOSTINO .....Secretary/Treasurer



    Serving four generations of families for over eighty years www.lakeviewmemorialpark.com

    Serving four generations of families for over eighty years www.lakeviewmemorialpark.com

    New Rules & Regulations BENCHES: Lakeview Memorial Park (Lakeview) offers memory benches for sale as embellishments to be placed in its easements. The wording on these benches will be limited to the Loving memory of ______ only. No dates or other endearments will be allowed to be incised in the granite. Placement location will be at the sole discretion of Lakeview. Incising will be on a per letter basis and will be added to the price of the bench. A bench purchase does not create an interment right. Cremation benches, will not be allowed. Benches may be relocated from time to time, at Lakeviews discretion, due to the needs of the cemetery. Because of care required in trimming, unsightly appearance and potential liability of the cemetery, placement of nonconforming benches is NO LONGER ALLOWED. Benches will be removed if they become, in the opinion of Lakeview, unsightly or pose a potential public hazard. When they are removed, they may only be replaced by a bench that meets the standards of the cemetery both in material and in placement. Any bench removed because of its appearance will be photographed and the bench removed to the maintenance area. It will be stored for a maximum of twelve months after the removal for the family to identify and take away from the cemetery. After this period of time the cemetery will dispose of the bench as it sees fit.

    MAUSOLEUM ADORNMENTS: The Trustees have approved the removal of seasonal adornments from Crypts and Niches with the following schedule: March 1st, June 1st, September 1st and December 1st.

    May We Serve You? The Lakeview Office Staff of Marilyn, Kathy, Ellen and Lisa, are not only friendly and dedicated to our families but also very knowledge-able. If you have questions about government markers, cemetery policy, the issuing of duplicate deeds or transfer of deeds, as well as any other concern you may have pertaining to our cemetery administration, give them a call, they would love to help. If you have any questions about availability of a certain area, or about pricing/interest free long term financing or for a tour of our park, give our family service counselors a call at (856) 829-3553.

    We Would Like You to Share Memories & Tell

    the Life Stories of Your Loved Ones

    On our website, you can share stories of your loved ones lives with family and com-munity members. Please visit our website by logging on to: www.lakeviewmemorialpark.com to search for your loved one. Once you have found them, you can click on their name to share your Memories, their Life Story, a Photo, their Obituary, and Military History. You can also search for friends and relatives to read the Memories and Life Stories that have been submitted by others in the com-munity. At Lakeview, we are always working to help families memorialize their loved ones in a meaningful and lasting way. If you have any questions, please call our Family Service Advisors who are always here to help.


    Dear Friends,

    Our Staff receives many questions every day. I thought I would share a couple with you along with their answers:

    QUESTION #1: My family has grown and I am wondering if the two graves we purchased previously could be made double depth?

    Answer: Possibly they could. It would depend on their location, i.e. soil composition in the area. You should call the office and request to have the Superintendent check the location.

    QUESTION #2: Does the cemetery buy back graves?

    Answer: Yes, the Association does. We will buy back graves for cash or credit the value towards the purchase in another area or for a crypt or niche. Contact our Family Service Advisors.

    With the Easter Holiday approaching, I want to remind you that Lakeview can purchase flowers and place them on the graves of your loved ones if you are unable to do so. Contact our office staff and they will be happy to assist you.


    David B. Stahl, Sr. President Board of Trustees


    A booklet to save a persons essential information and wishes is now available. For your free copy, please call one of our Family Service Advisors at 856-829-3553.

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