WELCOME to the Beehive! Please sit at your childs desk

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WELCOME to the Beehive! Please sit at your childs desk. Slide 2 Hi-Cap 5th Grade Curriculum 2013-2014 Mrs. Helland Slide 3 About Mrs. Helland Grew up in Chehalis, WA Bachelors Degree and Teacher Certification from Saint Martins University in Lacey, WA Masters Degree in Curriculum & Instruction from University of Washington Currently attending UW Tacoma Married and has 2 Jack Russells 9th Year of Teaching Slide 4 Daily Schedule 9:20-9:25 Morning Entry Task 9:25 10:55 Literacy 10:55 11:10 Recess 11:10 12:40 Math 12:40 1:40 Lunch & Recess 1:40 2:15 2:52 3:28 Science/Social Studies/Health 2:15 - 2:52 Fitness (M & Thurs)/Music (Tues & F) 3:28 Dismissal *Library Thursdays *Buddy Reading - Wednesdays *Computer Lab- Mondays Slide 5 Goal Setting Conferences All elementary students will set academic goals and plans to achieve these goals in Reading, Writing and Math. Goal Setting Conferences will occur in October (21 nd 25 th ) with progress reporting at the semester report card conference in February Slide 6 Goal Setting Conferences Outcomes Students and parents are more involved and take more ownership in meeting the identified goals Students and parents understand the instructional focus and plan for the year Strengthen relationships through improved communication and collaboration with parents and students on developing action plans. Slide 7 Goal Setting with Students Students will individually conference with teacher to develop the individualized goal in Reading, Writing, and Math. Students will have goals on desks to refer to daily. Students will track the progress of the goals in their portfolios. These portfolios will be presented to parents at the February conference and sent home at the end of the year. Slide 8 Standard Based Report Cards 4-Advanced 3-Proficient 2-Basic 1-Below Basic Slide 9 Bicycle Rubric 4Child races bicycles Exceeds state standard 3Child rides independently Meets state standard 2Child rides with help Approaches state standard 1Child rides with another person Below state standard Slide 10 Reading Literacy Workshop class novels, book clubs and read aloud Skill instruction Content Reading Scope Magazine and Science Studies Weekly Wordly Wise Daily Language Review Junior Great Books Home Reading Log Monthly book reports AR Reading goals Grizzly Reader Club (1 slip per week is suggested) Slide 11 Writing Writing Process Revising/Editing, idea development, conventions, paragraph and sentence formatting Persuasive/Argumentative writing Research paper Content Based writing Slide 12 Math 6 th Grade CPM Daily instruction on skills and in-class practice Nightly Homework (Due next day) Unit Tests and Quizzes Skills Learned this Year: Multiplication and division of fractions and decimals Multi-step algebra equations Graphing Data and Statistics Slide 13 Science FOSS Science Kits Variables Life Structures Science Fair Science Challenger Newspaper Monthly home science experiments Slide 14 Social Studies United States History Native Americans Explorers Colonization of America Revolutionary War CBA: Curriculum Based Assessment Persuasive Writting Slide 15 Specialists Music ~ Ms. Kimball Tuesdays and Fridays PE~ Ms. Schilinger Mondays and Thursdays Slide 16 Homework Nightly Reading Log and Summary Read 60 minutes Monday Thursday and write summary New logs passed out Monday (also available on class website) Logs collected Fridays DLR 3-4 times per week Corrected with students and progress is tracked Math Short time in class will be given to start homework Return next school day Special Projects Slide 17 Missing Assignments/Study Hall Assignments given in class are due the following school day (unless specified) Homework circled in planners Assignments/Homework checked in daily by teacher Assignment is missing ZERO SLIP is issued Student completes assignment and returns it the next day (parent needs to sign the zero slip) No returned assignment = study hall Slide 18 Field Trips Build-It - November Symphony - March Seattle Childrens Theater April UW Engineering Days April 25 th Water Treatment Plant - May BizTown June 5 th Slide 19 Out of School Opportunities Robinson Center for Young Scholars Johns Hopkins Talent Search Slide 20 University of Washington Robinson Center for Young Scholars Summer Challenge Fast-paced, challenging courses in 3-5 week blocks Students explore issues and solve problems through interactive, hands-on activities Enrichment Programs Saturday courses throughout the school year Students are provided a dynamic, challenging, and inspirational learning experience in math or writing depts.washington.edu/cscy Slide 21 Johns Hopkins Talent Search The Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth (CTY),a world leader in gifted education, seeks high performing students for enrollment in special programs throughout the country High performing students take a test designed for older students which can reveal more about the students talents and abilities Tests are held in late fall/early winter and dates and fees can be found at www.cty.jhu.edu Slide 22 Communication AgendasParent Signature (M-F) Reading LogParent Signature (M-Th) Grizzly FlyerWednesday (Parent Signature) Missing Work Report Wednesday in Grizzly Flyer (parent signature) Monthly AR Reports First Wed. of Month in Grizzly Flyer Zero SlipsParent signature Email reby.helland@kent.k12.wa.usreby.helland@kent.k12.wa.us Classroom Webpage/Twitter (@253beehive) Classroom #253-373-2817 Slide 23 Questions?