What is Q-interactive? - Q-i...What is Q-interactive? ... PPVT-4 and RBANS are the equivalent of 3 subtests. 1-750 Subtests $1.50 751-5000 Subtests $1.25 5001+ Subtests $1.00 Training

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Text of What is Q-interactive? - Q-i...What is Q-interactive? ... PPVT-4 and RBANS are the equivalent of 3...

  • QiforRegion1 6/13/2017

    AniseFlowers,Ph.D. 1


    Anise Flowers, Ph.D.Assessment Consultant

    What is Q-interactive?A platform delivering current Pearson tests in a digital format

    5 Store long-term

    4 Send securely back to Central


    1Create assessment session

    2Send securely to iPad application

    Testing in Assess

    Examiner controls clients device, reads instructions, and records and scores responses

    Client responds2


    Available testsMeasures of ability, memory, achievement, executive functioning,

    language and other neuropsychological constructs in both child and adult populations



    CELF-5, PPVT-4, GFTA3, KLPA3, GFTA3 Spanish


  • QiforRegion1 6/13/2017

    AniseFlowers,Ph.D. 2


    iPad requirements

    Supported models will work with Q-interactive, but may be more likely to experience performance issues. Recommended models will result in the best experience and have the longest life span.

    Not supported models, due to psychometric impacts of displaying stimuli on a larger or smaller screen are unknown


    One stylusCases are recommendedAnti-glare screen covers


    Test Item ScreenPlatform Security


    Q-i address security on three fronts

    Application encrypted and protected using complex passwords

    On Device

    No client data transferred via


    Device protected with complex passwords and

    mobile device management


    Test Item ScreenPlatform Security

    4Data Transfer

    Q-i address security on three fronts:

    TLS 1.2 encryption protects data while being transferred from Central to Asses. This is the same best in class technology used in other industries such as banking

    and e-commerce.


  • QiforRegion1 6/13/2017

    AniseFlowers,Ph.D. 3

    Test Item ScreenPlatform Security


    Q-i address security on three fronts:


    1. Data stored and backed up in a secure Savvis facility with access to authorized personnel only

    2. Data protected using Oracles Transparent Data Encryption

    3. Data can be accessed by Database Administrator only, activity logged for auditing


    Q-interactive Central Dashboard

    * | Copyright 2013. All rights reserved.

    Create and Manage Client Profiles

    * | Copyright 2013. All rights reserved.

    Step 1: Choose Client

    * | Copyright 2013. All rights reserved.

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    AniseFlowers,Ph.D. 4

    Step 2: Choose Battery

    * | Copyright 2013. All rights reserved.

    Step 3: Scheduling

    * | Copyright 2013. All rights reserved.

    Send to iPad

    * | Copyright 2013. All rights reserved.

    Components of Assess

    Practitioner Examinee


  • QiforRegion1 6/13/2017

    AniseFlowers,Ph.D. 5

    Home Screen


    Important Subtest Information

    Subtest Administration Audio Recording

  • QiforRegion1 6/13/2017

    AniseFlowers,Ph.D. 6

    Instructions Built-in Administration Rules


    Adding Notes Observational Notes

  • QiforRegion1 6/13/2017

    AniseFlowers,Ph.D. 7

    Reviewing Assessment Results

    Results tab displays scores at three






    Reviewing Assessment Results

    Results in Central

  • QiforRegion1 6/13/2017

    AniseFlowers,Ph.D. 8

    Q-interactive provides efficiencies Save time with helpful tools that allow rapid capture and on-the-fly scoring

    Improve productivity by eliminating time spent on gathering materials, entering scores etc.

    Achieve greater accuracy in administration and scoring

    Obtain rich data which lead to rich insights

    Access feedback quicker to interpret findings sooner, probe deeper or more broadly

    Add subtests on the fly

    Enjoy the convenience: its portable, familiar, and easy to use

    Equivalence Studies To Date

    Equivalent Groups


    Dual Capture

    100 subtests studied, with over 1,500 examinees between the ages of 2 and 77

    97 of the 100 subtests had effect sizes of 0.20 or less

    Effect Sizes

  • QiforRegion1 6/13/2017

    AniseFlowers,Ph.D. 9

    The subtests chosen have Q-interactive interfaces that have features that could affect the examiners ability to accurately score responses, but have not been previously studied.

    Effect Sizes

    Clinical Studies on WISC-V

    Clinical studies conducted with control group matched samples for

    Autism ADHD LD ID

    Pricing - LicensesLicense OptionsStandard License (Select any instrument)

    Cost per User 1-3 Tests 4-6 Tests 7+ Tests

    1-4 Users $225 $275 $300

    5-24 Users $200 $250 $275

    25+ Users $175 $225 $250

    Academic Annual License (Access to KTEA-3 and WIAT-III)

    1-25 Users $90

    26-50 Users $70

    51+ Users $50

    Speech Annual License (Access to CELF-5, GFTA-3, KLPA-3, and PPVT-4)

    1-4 Users $175

    5-24 Users $150

    25+ Users $125

  • QiforRegion1 6/13/2017

    AniseFlowers,Ph.D. 10

    Pricing - UsagePay As You Go Billed Monthly Cost Per Subtest

    Academic Subtests (WIAT-III & KTEA-3) $0.75

    Comprehensive Assessments (e.g., CELF-5, CMS, D-KEFS, KLPA-3, NEPSY-II, WISC-V, WMS-IV, & WPPSI-IV) $1.50

    Single Large Assessments (CVLT-C, CVLT-II, GFTA-3, PPVT-4 & RBANS) $4.50

    Prepay Annually Cost Per Subtest

    You should estimate your annual subtest usage based on the administration history for all users in your account. Note that the WIAT-III and KTEA-3 subtests count as .5 subtests, and the CVLT-C, CVLT-II, GFTA-3, PPVT-4 and RBANS are the equivalent of 3 subtests.

    1-750 Subtests $1.50

    751-5000 Subtests $1.25

    5001+ Subtests $1.00

    Training Resources

    Administration and scoring manuals

    On Your Own Video Tutorials

    Test Instrument Tutorials

    Software User Guides

    On Boarding Webinar Series (2 parts):

    iPad settings and Q-interactive Central

    Assessing with Q-interactive, Generating Reports

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Contact Technical Support

    Q-interactive Central

    (accessible after logging in)

    Helloq.com (public site)


    Learn more about Q-interactive at www.HelloQ.com/home

    Sign up for 30 day free trial

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