Who should win the Naismith Award?

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Who should win the Naismith Award?. By: Jared Kunze and Tyler Schatz. Ty Lawson North Carolina. Blake Griffin Oklahoma. Big 12 Player of the Year Unanimous 1 st Team All-Big 12 PPGASTREBBLKSTL 21.92.314.31.31.2. ACC Player of the Year 1 st Team All-ACC PPGASTREBBLKSTL - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Who should win the Naismith Award?By: Jared Kunze and Tyler Schatz

  • Blake Griffin OklahomaTy LawsonNorth CarolinaBig 12 Player of the YearUnanimous 1st Team All-Big 12

    PPGASTREBBLKSTL21.92.314.31.31.2ACC Player of the Year1st Team All-ACC


  • Jeff TeagueWake ForestHasheem ThabeetConnecticut 2nd Team All-ACC

    PTSASTREBBLKSTL19. East Player of the YearBig East Defensive Player of the Year1st Team All-Big East


  • Jerel McNealMarquetteDaJuan BlairPittsburgh1st Team All-Big East

    PTSASTREBBLKSTL19. East Player of the Year1st Team All-Big East


  • James HardenArizona StateTyreke EvansMemphisPAC 10 Player of the YearUnanimous 1st Team All-PAC 10

    PTSASTREBBLKSTL20. News National Freshman of the Year1st Team All-Conference USA


  • Toney DouglasFlorida StateTyler HansbroughNorth CarolinaACC Defensive Player of the Year1st Team All-ACC

    PTSASTREBBLKSTL21. Naismith Award WinnerUnanimous 1st Team All-ACC


  • Only statistically significant increase in probability of scoring 20+ points against RPI Top 50 teams is Toney DouglasRPI Top 50 .900Non-RPI Top 50 .6252 Players had a statistically significant decrease in probability of scoring 20+: Blake Griffin and Hasheem ThabeetGriffin.833 to .385Thabeet.250 to .000

  • Using a binomial probability simulation, find which player will make the most field goals per game in the national tournament. Assume that each player takes 15 shots per game. Use the Vs.RPI Top 50 field goal percentage of the players because the competition in the tournament will be tough.Griffin- .592Blair- .591Lawson- .542Thabeet- .603Teague- .484McNeal- .375Hansbrough- .462Douglas- .436Evans- .363Harden- .473

  • Elmore IndexPlayer rating system based on the ideas of ESPN College Basketball announcer Len ElmoreElmore IndexPoints/Game X5Rebounds/Game X3Assists/Game X2Steals/Game X2Blocks/Game X2Team Wins X5

  • Continued..Elmore Ratings:Blake Griffin-297.0Tyler Hansbrough-272.2Tyreke Evans-267.9DaJuan Blair-261.8Toney Douglas-253.6James Harden-252.9Hasheem Thabeet-247.6Jerel McNeal-245.7Ty Lawson-244.6Jeff Teague-237.7

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