Why good customer service is critical for your online business store

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What exactly is the long-term impact of 'good customer service'? No one working in customer service will be surprised to hear that research reveals good service really does matterand that bad service can harm your business. But if you're like us, you'll be surprised by just how much it matters and how long the effect lasts.


<ul><li> 1. Customer Service o Multi-channel support tools (Voice/Email/Chat) o Customer service o Contact center reporting/analytics Multi-channel support tools (Voice/Email/Chat) Our CRM solution offers best in class chat tools, email clients and customer built OpenSource voice as well as IVR solutions. Basis the hours of coverage and support channels you decide for your CS operation, we will set up your call center technology needs, both backend and frontend. Service uptime standards and flexibility at the IVR level are all features of our Call Center product suite. Customer service Customer service is something that is overlooked in the Indian context. However, in this dense e-Commerce market, quality customer support is going to be a big differentiator. Reassuring customers of a situation or telling them the status of a process is sometimes all that is needed to keep the customer from hitting the panic button. We will staff your CS support with well-trained and qualified representatives as per agreed coverage. Their scope of work could typically cover questions from end customers, phone orders, refunds, feedback, etc within ascertained turn around time. Reporting/Analytics It is imperative for you to quantitatively know the levels of customer interactions at your support channels on a regular basis. Our contact-center reporting suite, gives you a detailed daily/weekly/monthly break up of incidents per channel of support, so that you are well informed on the traction to suitably scale up/down as required. </li></ul> <p> 2. GreenHonchos Solutions Pvt Ltd www.greenhonchos.com | info@greenhonchos.com | Ecommerce Technology | Product Management | Online Marketing | Order Management | Customer Service | Business Consulting | </p>