World War II Propaganda Posters

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Propaganda used in World War II

Text of World War II Propaganda Posters

World War II Propaganda Posters

Food SupplyGet the good ... : from meat : to pot roast tough cuts ... The colors are red and white. I think these colors were used to let people know that this is an allied poster. The symbols used in the poster are meat, pots, and water. I think these symbols are used to let people know what is the items they can use to do what they are being encouraged to do. The message is Food conservation and how to cook food so you save meat.

Civil DefenseIn an air raid ... : what motorists must do : by day : park your... The colors are red, black, white. I think the red color means, danger, the black means night, and the white means day. The symbols in this poster are a car and a man reading a poster. I think these symbols are used in these poster to encourage people to follow the instructions of what to do during an attack. The message is how to park your car during the day and night when there is an attack.

Combat SceneWar pictorial : at grips with the Japanese in Burma... The colors are red yellow and white and black photos. I think these colors mean blood and hope. The black and photos mean dark times. The symbols in this poster are guns, soldiers, tanks, and forests. I think these symbols mean soldiers fighting in the forest and soldiers getting killed or wounded. The message is to inform people of the life in the war front.

Charitable OrganizationsHelp us to help him : Red Cross and St. John... The main colors are white, red, and blue. I think the red means blood, the white means cleanness, a the blue means the hope of help. The symbols are a nurse and a man with crutches. I think the symbols mean that women should volunteer to help the injured people. The message that women specially should join the red cross to help soldiers coming from war.

Espionage"..... but of course it mustn't go any further!" : careless talk... The colors in the poster are white, blue, and red. I think the white color means solitude and space. The symbols are two men, a room, other people above. I think the two men talking dont know that other two are listening to their conversation. The message is to be careful when you talk because others may be hearing you and it could be dangerous for other people.

Health SafetyIn the air -- teamwork counts! : don;be the weak link!... The colors are black and white. I think these colors mean peace and war. The symbols in the poster are an airplane, people working, and a man walking by a women. I think these symbols mean people working in teams to support the war effort. I think the message is that you dont have to be the weak and you should also support the war effort.

Rationing And Conservationppel pressant aux habitants de la rgion Parisienne... The colors of the poster are white, gray, and black. I think these colors mean sadness and emptiness. The symbols are plate, spoon, cup and fork. I think these symbols mean the need of conservation of food. I think the message is that people should not waste food and instead of eating a lot they should save it.

PatriotismHelp Britain finish the job!... The colors in the poster are white and blue. This colors represent water. The symbols in the poster are air planes and an airplane carrier. I think this symbols mean that people should help Britain fight against Germany. The message is that more pilots should volunteer to fight against Germany until the end.

Military WeaponsNo. 1. on board a British battleship : one of the famous ships o... The colors in the poster are gray and black. The gray color means the water and the black is the ship. The symbols are water and a ship. The symbols mean the British ship and sea. The message is that people volunteer to make more ships and to fight in the ships.

Military OperationsBritish bombers now attack Germany a thousand at a time!... The colors are gray, white, and red. The gray is the color of night, white is the light, and red is the fire created by the impact of bombs. The symbols are a city and airplanes. Hundreds of planes bombing show the superiority of the Royal Navy. The city shows the weakness of Germany at that time. The message is that British is winning the war against Germany.

Military RecruitingWar service opportunities : for college and university students ... There are no meanings to the color white used in this table. The symbols are opportunities of jobs. They mean the opportunities young would receive if they join the army. The message is that those who join the military have the opportunity for college.

War FinanceThis is a savings street : your group secretary lives at... The main colors are blue, yellow, and white. I think the blue color means victory. The symbols are the words this is a savings street. I think these words are to mean the people in that street supports the war. I think that this message means that who ever buys this sign supports the war.

War ProductionIf you worked as hard and fast as a Jap we'd : smash : Tokyo a lot quicker The colors are red and gray. I think the red means blood and the gray means danger. The symbols are Japanese men and Japanese flag. I think this symbols mean the patriot way in which Japanese men work. I think the message is that people should work harder and fast at factories producing war supplies. To encourage people to be patriotic.

Non-Combatant ServiceEmpire war workers in Britain : a tank worker from Nigeria The colors are dark gray and yellow. This dark gray is used in dark places and the color of his skin. The symbols are his dark skin, white people around him, and the machinery. This is an African working in a factory surrounded by white people, he is using heavy machines. I think the message is to encourage people from different ethnicities to work to create more war supplies and gain respect from others.

Civilian ParticipationWhat to do if : national Insurance cards or books : are destroyed in an air raid The colors are red, brown, and white. I think these colors are used to get the attention of people who see them. The symbols are the big capital letters. This symbol was used to encourage people to read the poster. I think the message of the poster was to encourage people to buy insurance during an attack. In that way people would contribute to the war cause.

Marco AlvarengaH. U.S History Per: 2 3/22/07

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