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  • 1. Introduction to writing and getting published in Technology-Enhanced Learning

2. WelcomeSession overviewLength 1 hourPresentations and activitiesGround RulesRaise hand for urgent questionsUse chat for general questions and activitiesArriving late/leaving early 3. Activity: getting to know youIn the text window, briefly say:Who are you?Where are you based?Why are you here? 4. Learning outcomesAt the end of this workshop, you will:be aware of a range of different potential publishing outlets;recognise what makes something worth publishing;be able to identify an appropriate outlet for your own work. 5. Where should I publish? (1)Places to publish:conference papersjournal articlesbook chaptersbooks 6. Where should I publish? (2)Scope of publishing outlet:general TELspecialist TELteaching and learningeducationsubject-based 7. Peer reviewThe process for establishing the academic value/credibility of research/publicationsTypes of reviewDouble blindBlindOpen/expertPeer review is not infallible 8. Some things to considerWho are your audience?What do you want to write about?Why are you the person to write it?What do you know about the field?What do you want to say?What evidence do you have to support your claims? 9. Activity: what makes a good paper?Please add your suggestions to the chat window, basedon your own experiences. 10. My suggestions 11. Choosing a publishing outletWhat have you got to say?How much space do you need to say it?Narrow your options (publication format/type)Read previous publicationsWho are your audience?Talk to other people who publish 12. The anatomy of a callSeehttp://academic-conferences.org/ecel/ecel2011/ecel11-call-papers.htmtypes of submission?deadlines?areas of interest?word limit?style guidelines?paper does not always mean paper