Zare to receive 2005 Wolf Prize in Chemistry. | Ligler and Whitesides elected to NAE

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    Zare to receive 2005 WolfPrize in Chemistry

    Richard N. Zareof Stanford Uni-versity will beawarded the2005 Wolf Prizein Chemistry forhis seminal con-tributions tophysical and an-alytical chemis-try. The$100,000prize will be

    presented to Zare by the president ofIsrael on May 22 at a special ceremonyin Jerusalem.

    Zare received his Ph.D. in chemicalphysics from Harvard University in1964. He has been a professor at Stan-ford University since 1977. His researchinterests have centered on the use oflasers for probing the distribution ofelectrons in atoms and molecules, and

    the application of high-resolution andultrasensitive physical techniques to bio-chemical and chemical analysis.

    Zares research initiated the devel-opment of a series of novel techniquesin applied physical chemistry that sub-sequently became indispensable toprogress in chemical and biochemicalanalysis, particularly in relation to de-tection at the single-molecule, area-se-lective, and sub-cellular levels, statedthe Wolf Prize jury.

    Ligler and Whitesides elected to NAEThe National Academy of Engineering(NAE) elected 74 new members in Feb-ruary, 2 of whom regularly contribute toAnalytical Chemistry. Frances S. Ligler,senior scientist for biosensors and bio-materials at the U.S. Naval ResearchLaboratory, was chosen for her work indeveloping portable, automated biosen-sors that rapidly detect pathogens, tox-

    ins, pollutants,drugs of abuse,and explosives.George M.Whitesides,MallinckrodtProfessor ofChemistry atHarvard Univer-sity, was chosenfor his work indevelopingmethods of self-assembly andsoft lithography.Whitesides is aninterdisciplinaryresearcher whosework crisscrossesthe fields of bio-chemistry, mate-rials science,catalysis, andphysical organicchemistry.




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