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<ul><li><p>7/25/2019 Zoe Pollock Magazine Review First Draft</p><p> 1/2</p></li><li><p>7/25/2019 Zoe Pollock Magazine Review First Draft</p><p> 2/2</p><p>RUNNING WITH SCISSORSTHE BEST THINGS IN LIFE ARE FREE...</p><p>ZooM Productions (The</p><p>Good Ones) presents a new</p><p>short lm Running with</p><p>Scissors, a contemporarycrime and comedy spin-o,</p><p>set in England. The protag-</p><p>onist, Robert (Ashley Mon-</p><p>sell-Tucker) is portrayed as</p><p>an awkward and inadequate</p><p>burglar who has taken the</p><p>famous proverb The best</p><p>things in life are free a</p><p>little too seriously. We see</p><p>him clumsily breaking into</p><p>neighbours houses and not</p><p>covering his tracks, leading</p><p>to him having to face the</p><p>aftermath of a mob outside</p><p>his house.</p><p>This lm incorporates a</p><p>variety of dierent genre</p><p>aspects from comedy to</p><p>a thriller. The plot of this</p><p>short lm is quite strange</p><p>and contains many plot</p><p>twists from the stealing of</p><p>a banana to the cat accom-</p><p>plice following Robert.</p><p>There were a few holes</p><p>within the storyline but</p><p>the actors carried it o.Short lms tend not to</p><p>stick to one specic genre</p><p>and are classed as a genre</p><p>in their own right. This</p><p>was portrayed through-</p><p>out this lm which indi-</p><p>cated aspects of crime,</p><p>comedy, thriller, action</p><p>and drama.</p><p>One supporting role,</p><p>played by Kate Horey,</p><p>has previously starred</p><p>in other Short lms in-cluding starring roles in</p><p>other student lm. This</p><p>was shown through her</p><p>dramatic and heartfelt</p><p>performance that kept</p><p>the audience hooked.</p><p>This production also in-</p><p>troduced Clara the Cat</p><p>in her acting debut. She</p><p>performed very well and</p><p>allowed for this lm to ap-</p><p>peal to a wider audience</p><p>range.</p><p>This lm is similar to oth-</p><p>er short lms including</p><p>Bad Burglars by TimH, as</p><p>they both include a coun-</p><p>tertype to your typical</p><p>burglar role, displaying</p><p>a brilliant performance</p><p>from the male leads. The</p><p>male protagonist from</p><p>Bad Burglars and Run-</p><p>ning with Scissors both</p><p>possess many similar per-</p><p>sonality traits,</p><p>which</p><p>demonstratesboth of their</p><p>acting skills on</p><p>portraying a</p><p>certain chara-</p><p>cter prole.</p><p>Directed by</p><p>ZooM</p><p>Productions,</p><p>who</p><p>previously</p><p>directed The</p><p>Good Ones,</p><p>displayedgood know-</p><p>ledge of</p><p>camera</p><p>work and</p><p>editing</p><p>knowledge</p><p>although left</p><p>a few</p><p>aspects</p><p>untouched.The mood created by this lm</p><p>is a happy and suspense lled</p><p>comedy, crime spoof. At the premier</p><p>screening of this lm, the responseof the audiences was overwhelmi</p><p> ng, although some seemed</p><p>slightly confused, all enjoyed</p><p>this light-hearted production.</p><p>avourite scenes seemed to be</p><p>the opening scene, where we</p><p>see the protagonist for the</p><p>rst time. The use of focus</p><p>pulls and panning worked</p><p>very eectively in this</p><p>scene, creating a literal and</p><p>metaphorical enticement of</p><p>the viewers with the pull ofthe camera.This lm de</p><p> iantly showed a true rep</p><p> resentation of Freitags pyr</p><p> amid, indicating a variety of</p><p>ups and downs throughout.</p><p>And with these climactic</p><p>moments, such as seeing the</p><p>homeowners reactions and the</p><p>breaking and entering aspects,</p><p>the audiences displayed a show</p><p>of raw emotionindicating</p><p>their connection with</p><p>the supporting</p><p>roles and how they</p><p>may feel</p><p>if put into this</p><p>situation. This was</p><p>one of the main</p><p>selling points of</p><p>this production,</p><p>the reality of havi-</p><p> ng your house bro</p><p> -ken into is quite</p><p>surreal and as so</p><p>many viewers have</p><p>been put through similar</p><p>circumstances, it became</p><p>uite close to the heart.</p><p>The overall opinions from</p><p>the audiences was that</p><p>this lm was gripping and</p><p>lled with suspense but</p><p>came away with a happy</p><p>vibe. However not every-one enjoyed it as other</p><p>audience members were</p><p>left in distain to a few un-</p><p>answered questions left on</p><p>their minds.</p></li></ul>