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Zora Neale Hurston

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Zora Neale Hurston. 1891-1960. Early Life. Born in Alabama in 1891 She claimed 1901 as her yr. of birth making her 10 yrs. younger Her second marriage license listed 1910 as her yr. of birth She is the 5 th of 8 children. Parents were former slaves. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Zora Neale Hurston

Zora Neale Hurston1891-1960Early Life

Born in Alabama in 1891She claimed 1901 as her yr. of birth making her 10 yrs. youngerHer second marriage license listed 1910 as her yr. of birthShe is the 5th of 8 children.Parents were former slaves.Dad: carpenter, share cropper, and Baptist preacherMom: teacher who pushed education on her childrenFamily moved to Eatonville, FL when she was very young.Eatonville is known for being the first incorporated black town in America.

2Family Problemsmother dies when shes 9father unaffectionate and coldremarries shortly after wifes deathfamily is broken apartsent away to boarding school and to live with various relatives

3College Yearsearned associate degree from Howard Universityfirst published in the on-campus magazine (short story)leaves Howard for NYCarrives in NYC just as Harlem Renaissance is gaining popularityawarded scholarship to Barnard College; accepted and studied anthropology

Harlem Renaissance

Hurston quickly becomes popular with the HR crowd. (shocked many with her antics, which included smoking in public)Befriends Langston Hughes, Wallace Thurman, Countee Cullen and many other affluent black writers of the era.Her apartment said to be a major hangout for the crew.Started Fire!, a magazine with Hughes and Thurman (two major leaders of the HR)only publish once due to lack of funds

The rise of African-American culture in 1920s America which consisted of all types of artists including writers, musicians, and dancers.

Folklore, Friendships, and Fame

travels to Florida to collect negro folklore for a novelMeets resistance from locals, runs out of money, and returns to NYCreturns to Floridasucceeds in researchpublishes Mules and Menwrites a play with Langston Hughesattempts to claim full ownership and publish play solo ending the friendshiptravels to Jamaica and Haiti for workwrites TEWWG in 7wks., inspired by her relationship with the mysterious P.M.P, her perfect love, who she later abandonsrecieves an honorary Doctor of Letters degree from Morgan State Collegepublishes her acclaimed autobiography Dust Tracksin 1941Receives Howard University Distinguished Alumni Award


accused of molesting a 10 yr. old boy and arrested in 1948charges dropped, boy was mentally disturbed and confused, Hurston was out of the country when alleged act took placeHurston becomes depressed and suicidal due to backlash from bad press and false accusationstakes public stance against desegregation, claiming blacks dont need white America or its education systemmany write her off as a traitor to her raceliterary works lose popularity takes jobs as librarian and maidfired from librarian job, moves to small cabin in Florida where she grows her own food

Death and Legacy

struggled financially and personally during final decadecont. writing, but found difficulty getting work publishedSuffered several strokes, moved to St. Lucie County Welfare HomeDied poor and alone on Jan. 28, 1960 and was buried in an unmarked graveAlice Walker wrote about Hurston in an essay published in a popular magazine in 1975 putting her back on the literary radar and resurrecting her work; she also had a gravestone placed over the marker believed to be Hurstons final resting place

What do you know?Though highly regarded for literary work, Hurston studied ______ in college. Hurston was one of many artists who contributed to a period of culturally flourishing in the arts known as___________. Hurston believed that integration was a positive step for black culture. True or False

DIALECTform of language that is specific to a particular region or group (while largely due to region, can also be greatly influence by social class)Janie, youse uh oman nowNobody heah aint lookin fo no wife outa yuh. Old as you is.Thought Id try to get heah soon enough to tell yuh mah day time thoughts.Truth in FictionWriters often use places theyve been/lived within works of fictionsometimes they create new names, others theyre kept as they actually are i.e. Eatonville, Florida Same goes for eventsbe on the lookout for one in the book that actually happens during that historical time periodsettingearly twentieth century, 1920s or 1930srural Florida Tentative Reading ScheduleChapters 1-4, pgs. 1-33 (33)Tuesday, 3/4Chapters 5-8, pgs. 34-87 (53)Thursday, 3/10Chapters 9-11, pgs. 89-109 (20)Friday, 3/12Chapters 12-16, pgs. 110-146 (36)Monday, 3/14Chapters 17-18, pgs. 147-167 (20)Tuesday, 3/17Chapters 19-20, pgs. 168-193 (25) Thursday, 3/20