10 Things They Don't Teach You in College About Entrepreneurship

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Presentation I gave to the Northeastern University Entrepreneurship Club on February 14th, 2012.This presentation covers what I and friends I spoke with said were the things they wished they'd learned in school as well as how to start learning those skills while in school.


  • 1.10 Things About Entrepreneurship They Dont Teach You in College and how to learn them Jason EvanishCEO / Co-FounderGreenhorn Connect, LLC February 14, 2012 Entrepreneurs Club Northeastern University

2. Who am I?

  • BS EE 08
  • MS TE 09
  • Co-founder Greenhorn Connect
  • Lean Startups Disciple

3. 10 Things About Entrepreneurship They Dont Teach You in College and how to learn them 4. First, a Public Service Announcement 5. #10: How to Email 6. How to really email

  • Use thehttp://three.sentenc.es/Model:
  • Greeting + Who you & your startup are
  • What youre looking for / Why contacting
  • End with your ASK

7. Three.Sentenc.es Example

  • Hi David,
  • My name is Jason Evanish and Im the founder ofGreenhornConnect.com , a site with all the startup resources, events and jobs in Boston.
  • Were currently working hard to improve our customer acquisition and Janet told me youre an expert in this. Id love to hear some of your insights.
  • Would you be available for coffee or a call next week?You can see my availability here:http://tungle.me/Evanish
  • Thanks, Jason

8. #9: How to Ask for Help & Engage Mentors 9. What to do

  • Be specific
  • Know why youre asking
  • Have a goal end result
  • Be mindful of their time

10. #8: How to $ell 11. Learn How to Sell Anything! www.youtube.com / watch?v =zCf46yHIzSo 12. #7: How to Live Lean 13. Greenhorn Hacks for Living Lean 14. #6: How to Lead a Team 15. How to Learn to Lead Class Projects 16. #5: How to work with people in other disciplines 17. Start a Side Project 18. Try to Learn and Ask for Help! 19. #4: How to Build a Network 20. Everything You Need to Know About Networking 21. and a site you might find helpful for networking in Boston 22. #3: The Who, What, When, Where, Why & How of Fundraising 23. 24. Signs Youre Ready to Raise Money

  • You have payingcustomers or millions of users.
  • You know exactly how much money you need.
  • You know how youd spend it to the last dollar.
  • You can demonstrate the market potential.

25. #2: Pattern Matching 26. Pattern Matching Forming your own opinion based on hearing views from others. 27. #1: Handling Failure 28. Solution Start Something! 29. Coming Feb 22 nd@ The BU School of ManagementSign up here:http:// bostonstartupfair.eventbrite.com Work at a Startup! 30. Contact Info

  • Twitter:@Evanish&@GreenhornBoston
  • Email:[email_address]
  • The site:www.GreenhornConnect.com
  • www.facebook.com/GreenhornConnect
  • Greenhorn Linked in Group