1960s America

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  • 1. 1960s America
    U.S. Studies

2. Kennedy Administration
1960 Electionclosest ever (until 2000)
Televised debates
Peace Corps: US education efforts in 3rd World
Alliance for Progress: Peace Corps for Latin America
Equal Pay Act
3. Lyndon Johnson Presidency
4. LBJs Effectiveness
Used the Ghost of JFK
Was a close talker
Former legislatorknew how to get bills passed (and many were passed)
Meetings continued into the bathroom
1964 Daisy campaign commercial
Vietnam did him in
5. The Great Society
Tax cut (this increased government revenue)
Civil Rights Act
Head Start
VISTA (inner-city Peace Corps)
Medicare & Medicaid
Elementary & Secondary Education Act (inner city funds; college loans & grants)
Immigration Act (ended quotas)
6. Effects of the Great Society
Attention was focused on the less fortunate
Poverty decreased 50% in America
Collegemore affordable
Federal governmenttoo powerful
Taxes not spent wisely
Poor became dependent on government
7. Hippies!
8. What Were Hippies?
A counterculture movement
Disliked mainstream values, wanted to make America better (LOVE!)
Generation gap
Higher level of consciousness (drugs?)
Many wanted revolution (only way to bring change)
9. Fashion
10. 11. 12. 13. Gatherings
14. Summer of Love
15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 1968 Democratic Convention
22. Communal Living
23. 24. 25. Popular Culture