4 Tips To Improve Your Communications Skills

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Try these tips now and improve all your relationships.


<ul><li>1.Your Communications Skills</li></ul> <p>2. How well do you communicate with everyone?Ill bet I can help you communicate betterright now. Faces do communicate, and you can takeadvantage of that. Keep an open mind, andtry these 4 tips. 3. Expect them to talk a lot, and be generouswith EVERYTHING. They need to learn tocontrol it. Youll get what you ask for. Feel free to askfor favors. 4. Brief, concise, to the point, &amp; efficient. Dont be hurt by their shortness or silence.Dont irritate them by being verbose. 5. Reserved, aloof, formal, selective, &amp; choosy Mind your manners, be courteous, be on yourbest behavior, use protocol, ask permission. 6. easy-going, casual, accepting, approachable,&amp; quick thinkers. Warn them about protocol, put them ingreeter/host position. 7. Remember, other features on the face mightenhance or contradict what these mean. You have a choice on how these traits areused---positively or negatively---to youradvantage or disadvantage. 8. Now that you know this, how will youapproach the above facial features, if youwant inform, sell, convince, persuade, or aceyour interview? 15 more traits are waiting for you over atwww.kathycommunicates.com/19tips Kathy Thompson,success4u@kathycommunicates.com </p>