A maker space for kids at Children's Museum of Houston

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Maker Annex is a maker space for kids at the Children's Museum of Houston. Kids have access to a 3D printer and a laser cutter, as well as traditional hand tools. They can also learn to hand solder to make electronic projects. Respiratory project is provided by Sentry Air fume extractors.

Text of A maker space for kids at Children's Museum of Houston

  • 1. Maker Annex Childrens Museum of Houston
  • 2. Inside and outside, the museum is one big invitation to explore and make stuff. Recently, the museum opened a maker space for kids. They call it the Maker Annex.
  • 3. Knowing how to solder is a necessity for any kid who wants to design something that runs on electricity. The Annex has two soldering stations. The station on the right is served by our Model 100 Stainless Steel Winged Sentry Solder Fume Extractor. The second solder station is served by our Model 100 Stainless Steel Floor Fume Extractor. Solder stations
  • 4. Maker kids will have access to traditional hand tools. This layout makes many a home workshop user more than a tad envious. Hand tools
  • 5. Maker kids will also learn to use contemporary tools, like this laser cutter, to cut a variety of materials from paper to plastics. Fumes produced by the laser cutter are pulled into filters in our Model 300 Portable Floor Sentry before they can spread throughout the Annex. Laser cutter
  • 6. Maker Annex has benevolent overlord Brent is also the creator of the fume extractor port hack at the end of this presentation. Benevolent Overlord
  • 7. The Maker Annex is fully equipped and designed to offer a multitude of opportunities for kids to tinker and to build. We are pleased to play a role in keeping the air the kids breathe clean. Maker Annex
  • 8. At Sentry Air, were excited about the possibilities inherent in the Maker Annex. One reason we feel a kinship with the Annex and the kids who will use it is because the air purifiers we donated are designed by our president, Bryan Rossnagel. Early in the companys history, he turned the family garage into a maker space to design and prototype the companys first products. Today, Sentry Airs product lines are used in many workplaces and homes, including welding shops, pharmacies, universities, technical schools, medical offices, CNC shops and proudly maker spaces: Portland, Houston. Find the museum at the following links Twitter: @cmhouston Website: www.cmhouston.org Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cmhouston YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/childrensmuseumhou Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/cmhouston Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/childrensmuseumhouston/ Excited about Maker Annex Hack next
  • 9. Fume exhaust port for 3D printer 3D printers produce fumes and ultra fine particles. Hooking up your printer to a fume extractor is a healthy thing to do. 1. Use the collar [Sentry Air component] as a template to mark its hole pattern on the transparent side panel you removed from the Replicator. 2. Select a drill bit appropriate for the rivets you will use.
  • 10. Fume exhaust port for 3D printer, page 2 3. Drill the hole pattern you marked on the printer side panel. 4. Rivet the collar to the transparent side panel a sub-assembly!
  • 11. Fume exhaust port for 3D printer, page 3 5. Measure the width, length, depth of the sub-assembly, including the diameter of the opening in the collar. 6. Use the measurements you made to set up the laser cutter.
  • 12. Fume exhaust port for 3D printer, page 4 7. Cut circular hole in the side panel. 8. To attach the sub-assembly to the printer, drill holes through the side panel and the printer frame.
  • 13. Fume exhaust port for 3D printer, page 5 9. Use rivets to attach the sub- assembly to the printer frame. 10. Woot! a fume exhaust port for the Replicator. This photo shows a ring of PVC pipe around the collar to make a tight fit to the fume extraction hose.
  • 14. Fume exhaust port for 3D printer, page 6 11. Attach fume extraction hose to sub-assembly with a hose clamp. 12. Replicator with exhaust port on left side panel.
  • 15. We hope you have an opportunity to visit the Maker Annex at the Childrens Museum of Houston.
  • 16. www.sentryair.com