Editing Images with Advanced Features

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Adobe Photoshop Elements


  • 1. by Mariyah Hoosenally

2. Here are the two photos I wanted to edit. What I planned to do was to insert the three people from the image on the left, and insert them onto the image below of Shyok ValleyTo do this, I would have to createa new transparent layer, and dragit onto the women.I opened the two images ontoPhotoshop in two different tabs. 3. This screenshot shows my use of the Quick Selection Tool- I selected thelast three people on the right. 4. I clicked Select Inverse, toselect the background of theimage.Then, I deleted thebackground,leaving the transparentbackground behind. Thechecked layer is meantto show the transparentbackground. 5. I then went to Layer- New Layer, and created a new layer of the image people2.jpg.I made the opacity 0%, so the background was completely transparent. 6. I dragged layer one into the Shyok Valley image, and placed it in the correctplace in the photo, so it looks like the people were originally part of the images. 7. This is the final image: I like the final effect- my use of advanced featuresand layering in photoshop was successful.