Alcohol is a Drug

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Causes and Effects of Drinking Alcohol

Text of Alcohol is a Drug

  • 1. Alcohol

2. At your age, have you tasted an alcoholic drink? 3. If yes, what was its effect on you after drinking it? 4. Are alcoholic beverages useful or beneficial? 5. Is alcohol a drug? 6. Kinds of Alcohol 7. Isopropyl alcohol or rubbing alcohol is toxic and for medicinal use. Methyl alcohol is poisonous and it is not a beverage. It is made from wood and used in perfume-making. Ethyl alcohol is the alcohol in beverages. It is toxic but the body has a way of detoxifying and eliminating it given a sufficient time 8. Types of Ethyl Alcohol: 1. Wine 2. Beer 3. Distilled Spirits 9. Reasons why people drink alcohol 10. People differ in their reasons for drinking alcohol. Some people drink because they simply like the taste and it enhance the flavors of the food Others drink to celebrate social, cultural and traditional events To relax and enjoy the company of their group Others simply like the effects of alcoholic beverages on them 11. Reasons to avoid alcohol 12. When the person stops drinking, painful experiences can be eliminated like vomiting, hangovers and blackouts No drinking means the person can look more rested and fresh in the morning, especially when they have to go to work. Another major benefit of not drinking is the cost savings. Drinking and driving is no longer a risk for the person that quits 13. Family history of alcoholism has a greater chance of being reversed. Health problems and concerns are reduced and avoided. Immune system is improved and corrected. Lower risks of getting a sexually transmitted disease. With alcohol consumption, the person is not always completely aware of or in control of what they are doing or with whom. 14. When a person stops drinking alcohol, they will have better control of their moods because alcohol is also equated with depression and violence. No more reasons to lie or be deceitful to others, especially about their drinking. Therefore, the person can be more honest and open. 15. There is only one reason why men become addicted to alcohol or drugs, they are weak men. Only strong men are cured and they cure themselves. 16. What advice/s can you give to someone who is alcoholic?