Augmented reality: a way to engage and empower learners?

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Augmented Reality (AR) is around us everywhere; you may not be aware of its presence, but your learners probably are. AR use is increasing, from CD covers to film posters; magazine adverts to food items. Companies like Marks and Spencer and even Saga now make use of the ability to add hidden content to their goods and services. The workshop will show how Augmented Reality (AR) is already used by practitioners to engage and extend learning. The session will present an opportunity to for delegates to try out educational AR resources and create a simple, AR resource. Delegates will also be signposted to further advice and guidance, as well as how to get started. The workshop will use a presentation to showcase AR use in the educational context. Delegates will hear practitioners testimony about how AR is helping them to improve learner progress and engagement. We will explore the pedagogical evidence of how AR can be used to bring about more constructive use of smart and mobile devices in education.

Text of Augmented reality: a way to engage and empower learners?

  • 1.A way to engage and empower learners? Judy Bloxham RSC Northwest Allen Crawford-Thomas RSC West Midlands

2. What is Augmente d Reality? 3. Why Augmented Reality? Why are we doing it? What are the benefits? Why not use ? Is it used by 4. The Pedagogy 5. The Spread of AR images and text starting with Kendal and showing the spread Bromley South Staffs Hopwood Hall Myerscough College City University MMU Manchester University, Mimas University of East Anglia International examples from JoyAR (have put images together but need these to be on one slide and come in automatically) 6. Trainee teachers Veterinary nursing Photography Motor vehicle/ motor sports Animal management 7. Hopwood Hall College Sports Science Sports Leadership 8. Curiosity, Mystery, Intrigue 9. Mystify Learners 10. Activity 1 Consider: Where / how AR could be used in your context? What areas of the curriculum could benefit? How might learners benefit? What resources could be re- purposed? Do you have any current technology initiatives AR could be aligned to? Who can you work with to benefit from this?(eg learning resources, tech support, ALS) 11. Activity 2 Role - problem solving, role playing, jig-saw building blocks, presenting arguments, collaboration, scaffolding Learner characteristics How the story will be constructed - simulation, immersion, immersion Location - place dependent or place independent What will you present to the learner. Collaborative v competitive. Pacing of activity. Linear v non-linear presentation. End point. Integration with social media 12. Further Information Publications Immersive Learning Experiences through Augmented Reality, Advancing Education Autumn 2013