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  1. 1. Backgrounds/editing images (ancillary tasks)
  2. 2. Album cover For my ancillary tasks I did a shoot on the canal in Ladbroke grove of the character in my music video against a wall of graffiti. I did this to match the conventions of the theme. These are a few of the images I took : I decided I didnt really like the images in colour, I felt they were too bright and I wanted a more subtle/edgier cover than just the image alone. With the chosen image I decided to use Photoshop to make it black and white. I then revealed the blue colours on the wall of graffiti to stand out, I then continued the black, white and blue theme throughout my ancillary tasks.
  3. 3. Inside album cover I edited this image in the same way, making it black and white and revealing the blue/green colours. This image wasnt wide enough to be the whole inside as I wanted so I mirrored it. I really like how this looked so decided to use it across the whole inside.
  4. 4. Album fold outs For one side of the fold out I did a took some images using a slow shutter speed to blur them, I really like how these images turned out so I decided to experiment with one of the images in different ways. I put the same image three times next to each other and decided whether to keep it in colour (as it has blue and green in it so follows the theme), make just the boy black and white or make the whole image black and white apart from the logo on the hat. I decided to choose the one with only the logo on the hat highlighted as I felt it added a slight pop to the image but was also subtle. For the background of the other side of the foldout I wanted to edit the image a lot more as the other side was more plain. I dragged out the image from the centre creating a spotlight affect. I also edited it in the same way as the others, making it black and white and revealing the blue shades. Over this image I put some text and I also dragged that out towards the edges, this looked a lot better than just putting the text over it normally.
  5. 5. Magazine advert For my magazine advert I did a shoot using a slow shutter speed and a light moving it in certain directions to create shapes and letters. These are a few of the images I tried to create an L for Logic and an N for Nikki but it turned out to be a lot harder than I thought so I didnt end up using any of the images. Afterwards I took some pictures of smoke against a wall and decided to blend it with a portrait screenshot from my video. I then put a black and white sketch effect on it, I didnt expect to like it but seeing it afterwards with the smoke coming in from the side I actually really liked it. The white area inbetween the smoke and face allowed for the writing to really stand out.


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