Barbie Lays Tefillin: Discussing Women and Jewish Ritual

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Text of Barbie Lays Tefillin: Discussing Women and Jewish Ritual

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Barbie Lays TefillinWomen and Jewish RitualSharing StoriesInspiring Change1

JWA documents Jewish women's stories, elevates their voices, and inspires them to be agents of change.Sharing StoriesInspiring Change2You Cannot Be What You Cannot See

Sharing StoriesInspiring ChangeJewish educators are essential partners.Educators are catalysts for bringing the rich and inclusive history of Jews in America to students of all ages and genders.Together we inspire (young) Jews to learn about who they want to be and what impact they want to have on the world.


Sharing Stories, Inspiring ChangePOWER COUPLESPower Couples showcases extraordinary Jewish women, matching an early female trailblazer with a modern woman at the top of her game.Sharing StoriesInspiring Change4A note about gender and our community

Sharing StoriesInspiring ChangeMeet Tefillin BarbieCreated in 2006Sharing StoriesInspiring Change6

Meet Jen Taylor Friedman, Soferet (scribe) and creator of Tefillin Barbie

Sharing StoriesInspiring Change8Perspectives on Tefillin BarbieRead your article in a small group.JewschoolStrollerderbyHatam Soferet

Discuss:What were the perspectives of the author(s)?Do you agree or disagree with the author(s)? Why?

Sharing StoriesInspiring ChangeBarbara Myerhoff and Domestic Religion

Sharing StoriesInspiring ChangeReligion and genderDescribe the two kinds of learning discussed in this excerpt.

Does this description still seem true today?

What gender differences do you see in your community around religion and spirituality?

How does Tefillin Barbie connect these two different ways of learning/engaging with Judaism?

Sharing StoriesInspiring ChangeTefillin Barbie as a lens for our livesHow do you understand your communitys traditions or your own experience differently having read about Tefillin Barbie and Domestic Religion?

Sharing StoriesInspiring Change12Barbie Lays TefillinWomen and Jewish RitualSharing StoriesInspiring Change13