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1. West Coast Lana Del Rey 2. How is black and white used effectively in this video?.Black and white is used very effectively in this video to j create a sense of glamour. (N ,'_ "3; * This video was influenced by 30s/40s films which were- :1:} gknown for their glamour.)_, i'. -._: .-A '* Black and white is used as the song is about Lana Del Reys"'1.,wish to live a glamorous "west coast life.I Lana Del Rey is notorious for doing black and white videos and it has become an iconic convention in this genre.~ Black and white is also used to represent how Lana feels inside. Why did this video influence me? This video influenced me as it is a very popular music video. * Fans of her music have expressed how much they enjoyed this video. * As fans have enjoyed this video a lot,I knew it was conventional. * As black and white is also used in this video to represent how Lana feels,I thought this would be a good convention to incorporate into my own music video as it would reflect how my character feels. ~ Black and white can also reflect how isolated the character feels. 3. Pscho The Shower Scene - Alfred Hitchcock 4. How is black and white used effectively in this film?* Black and white was used to save money.* He thought it would be too gory for the , .= g. .. 5%. '3audience in colour., . ., Black and white was used in this scene,_ specifically as he did not want the blood to J as ibe the main aim in the scene for the- . audience. :4.Why did this video influence me? *' I like that it relies on shot types to convey horror,rather than relying on colour to shock the audience. * It is still considered one of the most iconic films of history. - Even if people have not seen the film,they recognise this scene as it had a massive impact on our society and the lm industry. 5. I also chose to use black and white based on my audience survey.One of the questions in my survey was Do you prefer music videos in colour or black and white? I asked this question as I wanted to get as much information from my audience as possible to see what they would want in my music video.This question has helped me greatly as it allowed me to make decisionsabout how I will edit my video before I evenstarted lming it.The results of my survey showed that,although no one explicitly answered black and white,over half of my audience answered that they would not mind. | have considered whether or not some of my video will be in colour but I have not fully decided yet. Do you prefer music videos in colour or black and white? I Colour I C Black and White-_ I don't mind