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Kwanzaa is a time of fasting, feasting, and self- examination, celebrated from December 26 through January 1. The mystical number 7 is at the core of the celebration – there are 7 days, 7 principles, and 7 symbols.

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  • 1.celebrate Kwanzaa inethniciti style

2. Kwanzaa is a time of fasting, feasting, and self-examination, celebrated from December 26 throughJanuary 1. 3. Begun in 1966 by cultural nationalists who wantedto express their Pan-African solidarity, Kwanzaa isnow observed by 18 million people worldwide. 4. The mystical number7is at the core of thecelebration there are 7 days, 7 principles,and 7 symbols. 5. the seven principles to maintain unity in family, community, nation, and culture umoja:unity 6. the seven principles to be responsible for ourselves and create our own destiny kujichagulia:self-determination 7. the seven principles to build and maintain our community and work together to help one another ujima:collective work and responsibility 8. the seven principles to improve and supportour own stores, businesses, and organizations ujamaa:cooperative economics 9. the seven principles to restore African-American people to their traditional greatness nia:purpose 10. the seven principles to use our creative energies toward creating a vibrant communitykuumba:creativity 11. the seven principles to strive for a higher level of life for humankind, by affirming our self-worth and confidence in our ability to succeed and triumph in righteous struggleimani:faith 12. celebrate Kwanzaa inethinciti style www.ethniciti.DesignOnline.com