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  • 1. Chores Flash Cardstake out the trashwww.HaveFunTeaching.commake the

2. Chores Flash Cards wash the walk the clean the cat 3. Chores Flash Cards wash the windowswww.HaveFunTeaching.comdo the laundrywww.HaveFunTeaching.comrake the 4. Chores Flash Cardsvacuumwww.HaveFunTeaching.commow the lawnwww.HaveFunTeaching.comget the 5. Chores Flash Cards ironingwww.HaveFunTeaching.comwater the plantswww.HaveFunTeaching.comunload the 6. Chores Flash Cards wash the sweep the pull the 7. Chores Flash Cardsshake the rugwww.HaveFunTeaching.comturn in shovel the 8. Chores Flash Cards paint the fencewww.HaveFunTeaching.comwater the 9. Chores Flash Cardsrun errandswww.HaveFunTeaching.comread to pick up

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