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<ul><li> 1. 10 Concrete ClassroomActivities that Aim at Long-term Learning If we can't force a student to read a book for Tuesday, can we give him the will to still be reading years after graduation? We want students to acquire skills and attitudes that will make them long-term learners and thinkers. What kind of classroom scenarios are we striving for? Can new technologies furnish us with tools to help make learning stick?This workshop will present ten specific classroom activities and explore the pedagogical ideas behind the learning. </li></ul> <p> 2. Agenda 1. Introduction (15 minutes, including film) 2. Ten Activities (4 minutes each = 40) 3. Questions (10 minutes) 4. Group Brainstorming Session(10 minutes) 3. What is long-term learning? There are two ways of looking at this. 2. What are the experts saying? 3. What are my impressions fromexperience? We all know the feeling we get when aclassroom activity works.Lets reflect on why 4. Overview of long term learning: What it is not- Opinion poll: What kind of learning slips in and out of students consciousness like a fish in a fast moving stream? Possible answers: cramming for tests, memorizing without understanding, large quantities of information learned without connections to anything in the studentsreality, learning acquired in social isolation. What it is- Our learning footprint is unlike the carbon footprint, this one we want to be big, and to last a long time. What do we know from our own experience in and out of the classroom about learning that lasts? Possible answers: reinforced, learned in a social context, active participant, responsible for own learning, attitude, connections, prepared, own fields of interest 5. What is your idea of effectiveteaching? 6. 10 Concrete Activities If we can recreate some of these elements in our learning scenarios we can contribute to the longevity of our students learning. The following ten activities come out of our teaching and seem to support long term learning judging by student feedback and teachers impressions. 7. Teacher Shadowing VirtualSocial TeamNetworkingTeaching Film Virtual AnalysisWindowLong-termLearningRight On-lineBrain Forums DrawingBookIT Project Course Commercial 8. Teacher Shadowing Ten minute video Susan Banville is a legendary Biology teacher at the Cegep de Sept-Iles. Lets look at her at work in her class and pick out some of the things she is doing that support long-term learning. 9. Activity #1 Open up a dialogue about teaching and learning with your peers in an effort to continually improve your pedagogy. 10. Activity #2 Virtual Team Teaching: Teaching in a social context Peer interaction: for students and teachers 11. What is Virtual Team Teaching? two or more instructors involved in the same course using information technology tools as their mode of communication at least one in-person meeting of some of the participants contributes to the success of the project 12. Montreal and Sept-Iles 13. Why is virtual team teaching good for students? enhancement of classroom learning conditions improved motivation higher level of engagement with the material social interaction modeled by teachers opportunity for social interaction with peers 14. Activity #3 The Virtual Window a window into another city, another classroom 15. Activity #4On-line Discussion Groups conditions that contribute to success gregarious students small group interaction combining students from both locations effective on-line activities human connection 16. I would take this courseover and overforever. 17. Activity #5 Course Commercial Windows MovieMaker 18. Activity #6 The Childrens Book Project Creating an artefact for a real audience 19. The Satisfaction of Doing Something Real! 20. Activity #7 IT Use technology! 21. Activity #8 Drawing in Your Right Mind 22. Activity #9 Film Analysis 23. Activity #10 Social Networking 24. Questions 1.Teacher Shadowing 2.Virtual Team Teaching 3.Virtual Window 4.On-line Discussion Groups 5.Course Commercials 6.Childrens Book Project 7.IT 8.Drawing in Your Right Mind 9.Film Analysis 10. Social Networking 25. Brainstorming Session Share some of your learning activities thatpromote long-term learning 26. Thanks! We appreciate your participation in our ongoing quest for quality learning experiences! </p>