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CPAPDirect | CPAP Masks and CPAP Machines, CPAP Toronto

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CPAP DIRECT LTD. takes CPAP follow up and patient care to a higher standard. We are Canada's first state of the art full treatment center for Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). Custom made oral appliance for snoring, the largest selection of CPAP machines and masks, surgery consultations. " Your sleep, Our solution"

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  • 1. CPAP Direct Ltd.Sleeping Difficulties?Portable & convenient CPAP Machinesthat help!

2. CPAP Direct Ltd.We provide sleep and respiratory solutions right toyour home or ofce.We are a Canadian company based out of Toronto,Ontario. We carry all the Major manufacturers;including Resmed, Respironics, Puritan Bennett,Kego, and Fisher Paykel 3. RESMED S9 EliteThe S9 Elite features user-friendly technology to enhanceyour breathing comfort and reducesystem noise. Designed for a morenatural breathing experience, theS9 Elites enhanced Easy-Breathetechnology delivers whisper-quiettherapy from the device and themask. This means a more restfulnight for both you and your partner. 4. RESMED S9 Escapecompact without compromiseThe S9 Escape features user-friendly technology to enhance yourbreathing comfort and reducesystem noise.Designed for a more naturalbreathing experience, the S9 Escapedelivers whisper-quiet therapy in asmooth waveform. This means amore restful night for both you andyour partner. 5. RESMED S8 Compactcompact without compromiseThe entry level CPAP model in ourS8 series retains the reliability andquality you expect from a ResMedproduct while providing outstandingvalue. 6. RESMED S8 Escape IIThe ResMed S8 Escape II is equipped witha quieter motor and now comes with animproved EPR (Expiratory Pressure Relief)mode. The Easy-Breathe Technology is anew level in comfort and quietness.Users can choose a xed CPAP pressure oran EPR mode with settings from 1 to 3 formaximum comfort. Adjusting the EPRsettings allows the Easy-BreatheTechnology to drop the pressure uponexhalation so that breathing feels morenatural.The S8 Escape II offers an improved motorthat makes the new motors 60% quieter. 7. RESMED S8 Elite IIdiscover quietThe premium CPAP device in our S8 Series II,featuring the following new benets:New whisper-quiet operation is 75% quieter than beforeNew Easy-Breathe technology ResMeds revolutionary newtherapy systemNew and improved EPR with Easy-Breathe for enhanced patientbreathing comfortUsage-based compliance download for accurate patient monitoringData card a standard feature included for easy two-way datatransfer 8. RESMED S8 AutoSet Vantagecompact without compromiseA premium automatic positive airway pressure(APAP) model in our S8 series. Continually adjuststo your airway needs, delivering the lowest possiblepressure necessary for maximum comfort andoptimal therapy. Features optional fully integratedhumidication and remote data downloadingcapabilities A compact, all-in-one system, ideal fortravel or the home, so you never have tocompromise your treatment. 9. RESMED S8 AutoSet IIThe premium auto-adjusting device in our S8Series II, featuring the following benets:New whisper-quiet operation is 75% quieterthan beforeNew Easy-Breathe technology ResMedsrevolutionary new therapy systemNew and improved EPR with Easy-Breathetechnology for enhanced patient breathingcomfortUsage-based compliance download foraccurate patient monitoringData card a standard feature included foreasy two-way data transfer 10. CPAP Direct Ltd.Solutions for Sleep Disorders and CPAP guides:Click for CPAP MachinesClick for CPAP Masks