Designing engaging curriculum for global collaboration in the classroom

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Workshop at ASB Unplugged 2014, Mumbai, India.


  • 1. Designing Engaging Curriculum for Global Collabora4on in the Classroom ASB Unplugged 2014 Hands-on Learning Ins4tute Julie Lindsay
  • 2. Julie Lindsay Director Learning Confluence P/L MA Music, MA Educational Technology Leadership EdD Student, University of Southern Queensland @julielindsay | |
  • 3. Lets get started.. OPEN this WIKI: hSp:// Follow link to Designing Engaging Curriculum
  • 4. AGENDA PART 1 Ge)ng started with global projects and collabora:ve pedagogy PART 2 Global project curriculum design PART 3 Design, pitch and evaluate global projects
  • 5. GeVng started with global projects and collabora4ve pedagogy PART 1
  • 6. Discuss! What is collaboration? What is global collaboration? What conditions must exist to support global collaboration in learning?
  • 7. What is Collabora4on? Something we do already Enhanced using technology More than coopera4on Aligned with standards
  • 8. ISTE NETS.S Students use digital media and environments to communicate and work collabora:vely, including at a distance Develop cultural understanding and global awareness by engaging with learners of other cultures.
  • 9. ISTE NETS.T Collaborate with students, peers, parents, and community members using digital tools and resources to support student success and innova:on
  • 10. Dening the Global Collabora4ve Classroom A classroom that is: connected engages with multiple audiences engages with diverse resources, and tools creates authentic, collaborative learning outcomes
  • 11. Challenges of Global Collabora4on Having realistic expectations Going Beyond the Wow Shifting traditional pedagogies Engaging learners and leaders
  • 12. Why Global Collabora4on? Global competency d ills an l sk ltura ded to -cu cross ding nee ones The stan side nder icate out o act on u un . d t comm nment an gnicance i o envir of global s s issue International mindedness Cultural awareness . e. ike m ome ways t l is no n s yone like me i er Ev ne is veryo E Glocalisation! ! Local Act and bal k Glo Thin
  • 13. Global Learning: Holis:c and Flat Global Project Design Blended Learning Culture of sharing Flipped Classroom Inter- connected Collabora4ve Connected Learning Leadership for connected learning Project & Challenge- based Flat Learning Pedagogy Web 2.0
  • 14. Recipe to FlaSen Your Classroom Simple ACTIONS to Go Global
  • 15. Simple ACTIONS to Go Global Collaborate Ci:zenship Choice Create Communicate Connect Global, Flat, Connected Classroom Celebrate
  • 16. Connection Personal Learning Network (PLN)
  • 17. Connection Strategies for meaningful interactions You School Students
  • 18. Connection Pull Technologies 1.RSS Reader 2.Tablet-Sized Devices 3.Handheld Devices 4.Social Bookmarking 5.Joining Online Conversa4ons 6.Networking Organiza4ons 7.Loca4on Based Apps hSp://
  • 19. Connection Taxonomy Vicki Davis and Julie Lindsay, FlaSening Classrooms, Engaging Minds. Pg 55
  • 20. Connec:on Teacherpreneur 'Good teacherpreneurs aren't renegades; they are connectors' hSp://
  • 21. Connec4on! The 2 minute challenge How connected are you as an educator? How are you connec:ng your students to the world?
  • 22. Communica:on The Handshake hSp:// Image: 'customer-loyalty_reten4on.jpg hSp://
  • 23. Communica:on Two types to sustain a global project Tradi:onal Classroom Connected at Classroom Separated by Loca4on Unied by the Internet Separated by Time Unied by asynchronous communica4on tools SYNCHRONOUS and ASYNCHRONOUS
  • 24. Communicate Synchronously
  • 25. Red arrow poin4ng to latest ac4vity by students on the Ning Flat Connec:ons Global Project Ning (Educa:onal Community) - Connect - Communicate Blue arrow poin4ng to global real 4me chat by students on the Ning Communicate - Blended
  • 26. Communicate Blended modes Virtual Participation
  • 27. Digital Citizenship the norms of behavior with regard to technology use Ribble and Bailey
  • 28. Enlightened Digital Citizenship model Vicki Davis and Julie Lindsay 2011
  • 29. Ci:zenship Global competency and confidence
  • 30. Digiteen/tween project outcomes Team forma:on, Handshakes Research Topics, Collabora:ve Wiki Authorship Ac:on Project Design and Implementa:on Celebra:on, Reec:on, Sharing outcomes
  • 31. Be a DigiTeacher Research the technology and lead the way Monitor and be engaged Avoid the fear factor & make a dierence Model legal wisdom & choose your own copyright hSp://
  • 32. Ci4zenship! The Ci:zenship! 2 minute challenge Digital Ci:zenship What are you doing in your school to foster global digital ci4zenship?
  • 33. If Collabora4on is a needed & required 21st Century skill, educators need to not only teach it, but employ & model it as well
  • 34. Online Existence The weakness is that if there is a problem, and you e-mail them, they can just ignore the email, or they can just do their own thing and not listen to what you ask of them. Student in the Horizon Project
  • 35. FlaSening the classroom is technology enabled collabora4on hSp://
  • 36. Collabora4on! The 2 minute challenge Ci:zenship! Contribu:on and Collabora:on How do you teach collabora4on? What technology tools foster collabora4on?
  • 37. Beefsteak or liver quite took away Philips power of choice. He begged for a glass of milk MARK TWAIN PuVng choice into the classroom will naturally direct students toward their own interests and strengths. It can allow students to shine in unimaginable ways. Fla$ening Classrooms Chapter 7
  • 38. Using Web 2.0 technologies to: Ques4on Build Invent Connect Have meaning Understand Excel hSp://
  • 39. Choices for dierent learning styles
  • 40. To be able to Create is a 21C Learning Objective
  • 41. Revised 2001 by Lorin Anderson
  • 42. Challenge yourself. From Create To Co-create
  • 43. Co-creation Co-creating a Popplet with students around the globe. Robyn Thiessen - Vancouver, B.C.
  • 44. Collabora:on Co-Creation Emily McCurran, Flat Classroom Cer4ed Teacher
  • 45. Student Summit
  • 46. Celebrate New friends and achievements Reflect and evaluate A sense of accomplishment Enhanced cultural understanding Making the world a better place
  • 47. The 2 minute challenge What is missing here? What would you add? Take away? How will you use this in your classroom or in your school on Monday morning? Collaborate Choice Ci:zenship Create Communicate Connect Flat, Global, Connected Classroom Celebrate
  • 48. Time to Team Up Find like-minded partners hSp:// Awer break sit together
  • 49. Global project curriculum design PART 2
  • 50. Flat Connec4ons Globa...