Digital Literacy and Online Safety

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  1. 1. Digital Media Tools MRS. THOMAS WEBSITE FOR
  2. 2. What is Digital Literacy? Wikipedia states that Digital literacy is the knowledge, skills, and behaviors used in a broad range of digital devices. Smartphones Tablets Laptops Desktop PCs
  3. 3. Online Safety Always sit with children at this age when they are online. Investigate Internet-filtering tools as a complement not a replacement for parental supervision. Protect your children from offensive pop-ups by setting your browser to block popups. Ad blockers such as AdBlock can also keep kids from seeing banner ads with inappropriate content. Keep online activities in common family areas where you can easily monitor what your kids are doing.
  4. 4. Parents and Student Usage (Click video below)
  5. 5. Parents and Student Usage (Click video below)
  6. 6. Interactive Games ActualPage=1 panded_Form/Standard_Expanded_Set_1.swf
  7. 7. Content for Parents 1. Edgalaxys Cool Stuff for Nerdy Teachers has 14 Digital Literacy Activities including use of Digital Sound, Moving Images, Digital Texts and manipulating Still Images. 2. Edgalaxys Cool Stuff for Nerdy Teachers also has an excellent Digital Literacy Activity: Summarizing Text & Report Writing lesson plan 3. One of my favourite lesson plans on Edgalaxys Cools Stuff for Nerdy Teachers is a Digital Literacy Lesson Create your own movie Trailers 4. ReadWriteThink has a lesson plan for Defining Literacy in a Digital World. It includes an overview, IRA standards covered, resources and preparation, instructional plan and additional related resources. Reference:ETEC540 Major Project by Cindy (Leach) Plunkett
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