Digital Video And New Literacies

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  • 1. Candy Beal, Lori Holcomb, John Lee, Meghan Manfra, Kevin Oliver, Carol Pope, Hiller Spires and Carl YoungNorth Carolina State University P. G. Schrader, University of Nevada, Las Vegas


  • New forms of multimedia are contributing to a shift toward new literacies (Luke, 2003, Hobbs, 2006, & Ranker, 2008)
  • Several frameworks for conceptualizing new literacies (Coiro, Knobel, Lankshear, Leu, 2008; Jenkins, Clinton, Purushotma, Robinson, & Weigel, 2006; New London Group, 2000)
  • New Literacies Collaborative


  • Students are demonstrating an increased passion for and reliance on technologies for entertainment and communication (Lenhart & Madden, 2007)
  • Short video as a medium for viewing and authoring is one particularly powerful and impactful technology
  • We need new forms of knowledge representation that reflect changing assumptions about who makes video as well as how and why it is viewed


  • Overview of creative and disciplinary uses of digital video in teacher education
  • Discussion and explore theoretical and practical solutions to using video in teacher education
  • Interactive sessions face to face and online


  • Sessions will be facilitated online at the new Literacies Collaborative website
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  • Overview of sessions