Editing (3rd day before deadline)

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Editing (3rd day before deadline)

Editing (3rd day before deadline)Group 27Ana, Arbrie and Phillipa

Editing In todays lesson we continued editing our second rough cut. We focused on all the areas we were told to improve on from our feedback we received from our teachers and tried to improve them . This consisted of replacing footage, adding footage, viewing base tracks and being creative. We had to use different tools on Final Cut Pro such as the blade, effects and markers.

We repeatedly watched our music video start to end and discussed as a group on ways we could improve. One thing we thought needed work was the opening where we used a fig rig to pan up to the artist. We saw that the pan was a bit shaky as the pan starts from the group and tilts up to the artist. This was quite hard to achieve as we were on muddy floor with lots of leaves which made it quite hard to balance as we had to hold the fig rig and see if the camera was focused at the same time. We tried many things to improve this shot. We tried several dissolves as it was a bit jumpy ,we also changed the speed of the footage by making it slower so that the shaky parts are less noticeable. We spent most of our time on this as we thought it was a strong way of introducing the artist in a sparkly dress , however it was very complicated and we havent found a way which would make it seamless and less shaky.We may replace this opening with another footage if it cant be fixed.

Here we are using different footage and synching them to the audio of the song real love. We had to cut some of the footage and play around using the tool bar to achieve the best possible place of adding footage, which could be synched to the words as the artist sings.Organisation: Creating a list which helps us when editingAs a group we decided to make a list of all the feedback we received, things we could add to our music video and things we needed to work on. Every lesson when we edit we carry this list with us , this makes it easier for us as everything we need to get done is on the sheet. This helps us keep focused on things that have to be done.