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<p>SCREENSHOTS OF EDITING FOR DPS (DRAFT)</p> <p>SCREENSHOTS OF EDITING FOR DPS (DRAFT)(PHOTOSHOP)</p> <p>Step 1I first started off with an A3 landscape sheet on photoshop, which was the blank canvas for my double page spread. I then did a line down the middle of the page to separate it into two and use it as a guide for where the text and images are going to go.</p> <p>After i did the line down the centre of the page I added two more lines to seperate where i wanted things to go</p> <p>Step 2I then followed my chosen colour scheme, and added coloured rectangles, which would be for my title and the sub section on the right hand side.</p> <p>Doing this would make them sections stand out and make it eye-catching for the audience</p> <p>3</p> <p>Step 3Then I added in the titles, to get an idea of where things were going to go. I decided to separate the title into two parts, so that the reader will be scanning the whole page, to read the title. which makes it different to the usual double page spreads in TV listing magazines.</p> <p>Step 4Then I added green boxes to show where the images were going to go. As this is just a draft I never added the proper images. I just got an idea of where i wanted them to go.</p> <p>Step 5Finally, I added in the gaps what was going to be there, so where the copy was going to go i put copy, and the same for the images. Just so when it came to doing it properly on InDesign it was easier for me to see where things were going to go.</p>