Edu 645 week 3 discussion (integrating technology)

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<p>Integrating Technology Week 3 Discussion EDU 645 Dr. Heather Caldwell March 17, 2016</p> <p>ByTerry L. LockhartIntegrating TechnologyWeek 3 DiscussionEDU 645Dr. Heather CaldwellMarch 17, 2016</p> <p>What evidence did you see and hear by watching Mr. Pronovost Differentiating Instruction Through Interactive Games that supports what has been learned thus far regarding setting &amp; communicating learning objectives, using the gradual release model, giving feedback, and assessment?Mr. Pronovost uses the gradual release model well in his classroom. He begins his lesson by communicating the learning objectives for the day. He does this in a group discussion over addition and subtraction. This time allows him to go over instructions with students and assess to determine which students will do well working independently and which students he will need to focus on individually. As the day moves on students work independently through technology, which is a positive educational tool that provides student feedback which builds confidence in their learning experiences.</p> <p>How does he specifically structure his lesson to incorporate technology? How does using technology promote differentiation?He guided students until the majority of his students understood the concepts. This is when he moved the lesson on to incorporate technology. I really liked how Mr. Pronovost gave his students a measure of accountability before they could move on to other activities. I believe, this gave them an incentive to concentrate on the lesson and do their best. </p> <p>What evidence is there of varying levels of cognition? Identify the levels of Depth of Knowledge (DOK) you observed students reaching during the various stages of the lesson.Mr. Pronovost encouraged his students to use all the tools that are available to them. In doing so he explained that they do not have to rely only on the computers but can write out their math problems and/or use their hands to figure them out. I believe this shows the different levels of cognition being used in this classroom</p> <p>How do you believe this type of learning environment makes students feel about their capabilities with math? Why?I think this type of learning environment would make students feel comfortable as they learn what they are capable of learning in math while building confidence as they progress and master each concept. </p> <p>ReferenceEdutopia. (2012). Differentiating instruction through interactive games (Tech2Learn Series) [Video File]. Retrieved from</p> <p>Mississippi Department of Education. (2009). Webbs depth of knowledge guidance. Retrieved from</p>