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Enriching Basic Building BlocksPresented by:Sony KURIAKOSEVOCABULARY ACQUISITION

Students have to fix the meaning of the word in their minds. [Memorizing]

They have to make the word their own- to personalize it so that it becomes part of their individual word store. [Personalizing]

They have to use the word creatively in contexts.[Communicating]Nature of WordsWords convey their meaning in context.Consider the word dog and see how it changes its meaning in these expressions-dog days(hottest part of year), lead a dogs life( be worried), go to the dogs( be ruined)

Words have more than one meaning.It may surprise the reader that the word come has 69 meanings; go 94,make 97, take 91; set as a verb has 126 meanings and 47as a noun. HOW TO EXPAND VOCAB?Expansion through the same pattern of form.(care- careful)Expansion through families of words.(reason , reasonable, unreasonable, reasonably)Expansion through reading.Expansion through word games.Expansion through association.( school)

How to keep building vocabulary?

Get used to the sound, the sense and the shape of the word.One must become actively receptive to new words.One must read more.One must open ones mind to new ideas.One must set a goal.

Importance of teaching collocations

Collocation describes the relationship between words that often appear together. A delicate situation/problem/issue etc. Heartfelt/sincere/deep gratitude. English is expressed through fixed combinations of words. Fixed expressions I missed the bus [=I didnt catch the bus] [NOT I lost the bus]Fatima made a mistake [NOT Fatima did a mistake]A heavy smoker [=someone who smoke a lot] [NOT a strong smoker or a big smoker]A strong coffee. [NOT a powerful coffee]

IDIOMSAn idiom is an expression which means something different from the meanings of the separate words. 1.The acid test2.Be alive and well3.A different ball game 4. Add insult to injury5.Behind sbs back 6.Give someone a hand.

Phrasal verbsIn English, there are many verbs which are made up of two or three words. These are called phrasal verbs. Phrasal verbs may have a completely different meaning from the main verb. 1. They will cut off the telephone if you dont pay the bill.2. Ive filled up the membership form.3. Can you look after the car please?Confusable WordsTry to show how confusable words differ in their meanings.Examples of these confusables include affect, effect, implicit, explicit.economic, economical etc.Hard is an adjective or adverb: a hard surface, a hard question, to work hard, to think hard.Hardly is an adverb meaning only just: almost not. He worked hard.( NOT He worked hardly.) He hardly worked.Revise or recycle vocabulary? Revising words regularly helps students to remember words and make them part of their active vocabulary. Recycling or revising helps students to get used to the sound, the shape and the sense of the word. Vocabulary notebook Students can record the meaning, the pronunciation, the word stress, the word class, the usage, any special grammatical features, collocations, synonyms, antonyms etc.Words are our friends, acquaintances and strangers. Encourage students to become addicted to looking for, finding, and taking possession of new words .

Dictionary A-ZCheck the spelling of a word.Find the meaning of a word.Find how to use a word in a sentence.Find when and where to use a word correctly.Find the correct pronunciation of a word. Fall in Love With A good Dictionary to Enrich the Basic Building Blocks!ONE WORD EVERYDAYTeach students how to chase words.

Puzzle out the meaning of unfamiliar words.

Words convey their meaning in context.

Inculcate good study habits in students to enrich the basic building blocks. THANK YOUThanks to words, we have been able to rise above brutes, and thanks to words , we have often sunk to the level of demons.

Aldous Huxley ( 1894-1963) British Novelist and essayist.