Essentials of working with latino families

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  • Essentials of Working with Latino Families

    Maria Martin Early Childhood Initiative Coordinator

    Julie Smithwick Executive Director

  • 2010 US Population by Race/Ethnicity

    Total 308,745, 538 100%

    White 223,553,265 72.4%

    Latino 50,477,594 16.3%

    African American

    38,929,319 12.6%

    Source: US Census Bureau

  • Main Reason for Migration

    Since the 1990s until the present day, Hispanic/Latino immigration grew rapidly into the non-traditional states and predominantly among the southern states of North Carolina, Arkansas, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, and South Carolina Primarily immigrants migrate to the U.S. to find better quality of life. However, the most significant cause of Hispanic/Latino immigration, past and present, is economic opportunities jobs.

  • Definition of Hispanic/Latino Origin Used in the 2010 Census

    Hispanic or Latino refers to a person of Cuban, Puerto Rican, Mexican, South or Central American, or other Spanish culture or origin regardless of race and the terms are use interchangeably.

  • States with Largest Hispanic Population Growth 2000-2010

    State Growth 2000-2010 (%)

    South Carolina 148

    Alabama 145

    Tennessee 134

    Kentucky 122

    Arkansas 114

    North Carolina 111

    State Growth

    2000-2010 (%)

    Maryland 106

    Mississippi 106

    South Dakota 103

    Delaware 96

    Georgia 96

    Virginia 92 Source: Pew Hispanic Center tabulations of U.S. Census Bureau Redistricting_Files-PL_94-171 for states PEW HISPANIC CENTER, March 2011

  • SC Counties with the Largest Latino Population

    County Latino Population Greenville 36,495 Beaufort 19,567 Charleston 18,877 Richland 18,637 Horry 16,683 Spartanburg 16,658 Lexington 14,529 Berkeley 10,755 York 10,075 Aiken 7,824

  • Counties with Largest Latino Population Growth (%)

    County % of Total Population

    Marlboro 290.2

    Dorchester 252.8

    Lexington 250.4

    Lancaster 246.0

    Horry 229.9

  • 2013 Children Under 5 by Race/Ethnicity

    Total 311,013 100.0%

    White 170,962 55.0%

    African American 99,475 32.0%

    Latino 33,806 10.9%

    Non-Hispanic other Race 6,770 2.2%

    Source: KIDS COUNT Data Center, Data Provided by Childrens Trust

  • Child Poverty in SC

    41% of Latino Children live in poverty compared to 24% of all SC children

    Source: National Center for Children in Poverty

  • Barriers to Traditional Services and Programs for Many Immigrants

    English language proficiency Transportation Insurance Fear Need for information on health care system Acculturation levels Discrimination Anti-immigrant laws

  • Cultural Strengths

    " Strong Families " High value placed on children " High value on education " Good birth outcomes, healthy start as infants " Strong social and emotional skills " Bilingual

  • Some Culture Characteristics

    " Most common language is Spanish " Religion: Mostly Roman Catholics " Traditional Belief Systems " Value on the Family " Personalismo " Respeto " Confianza

  • Culture Differences

    " Formality of relationship with provider " Non-verbal behaviors: looking to advocate or family looking away from professional nodding to please " Concept of time " Use of natural medicine " Communication style

  • Conclusion

    To most, America is still the country where human rights, opportunity, and success are possibilities; it inherently inspires hope in

    those who want nothing more than to make their contribution.

    Jorge Ramos, The Other Face of America


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