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  • Addiction & Substance AbuseEthnographic StudySarah Cohen

  • HeroineCocaineAlcoholMethamphetamine

  • The FactsOver 22 million individuals have a substance dependence or abuse problem in the US85,000 deaths related to alcohol 20082008 Drug over doses claimed the lives of 12 actors and performers

  • Why So Serious?

  • Accidental Overdose

  • Tragedy

  • Pre Conceived NotionsAddicts are dirtyThey live on the streets Have been abandoned by their families and friendsAddicts are unable to be fully rehabilitated

  • Body Language/ Non Verbal QuesFidgety, nervousLittle to no eye contactSweaty palmsConstant crowd surfing with eyes Swaying, pacingParanoia, glazed over eyesConcerned with distance

  • SlangChina WhiteSmackBig HBlowNose CandyAngel DustDopeSpecial K


  • Communication TacticsAre you good?Lets get bakedIm friedGet bentToke upTweak missionI got the munchies

    Im so burnt outI need a fixLets get high420!Wanna blaze?Im rollinWere tripping face

  • EmailPlease try to understand that she never intended harm to anyone. Drugs are a demon that is impossible to understand unless you have experienced the demon...for lack of a better way to put it. You should try to be as non-judgmental as possible and try to figure a way to forgive her for lying to you about doing drugs. It would have been almost impossible for her to tell you she was doing drugs for fear that she would disappoint you.

    I know the way you will respond to that statement already but really it just takes lots of patience and understanding to deal with people who are struggling with drugs. Cutting communication could not be a worse need to be a pillar for your cousin to lean on rather than another carpet pulled from under her.

  • Reality is a crutch for people who can't cope with drugs-Lily Tomlin

  • Our Community

  • What helped meEmpathic listening Self DisclosureProximics Roses study on Family

  • 4/29/81 - 9/18/06R.I.P