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European Citizens, Global Citizens - Dissemination

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Text of European Citizens, Global Citizens - Dissemination

  • European Citizens, Global Citizens

    Bucharest, 10 November 2015

  • Content1. Aim and Objectives;2. Participants and Partners;3. Schedule;4. Public Conference;5. Community Action;6. Dissemination Conference.

  • Aim and Objectives

  • Participants and Partners1. Bulgarian Youth Community

    Bulgaria;2. Ihnilates Tou Fotos Greece;3. EquaMente Associazionale

    Culturale e di Solidarieta - Italy;4. Associazione Culturale Pro.m.e.

    t.EU.s Italy,5. The International Humanist

    and Ethical Union Turkey

  • Schedule workshops debates discussions games tour in the city intercultural evenings

  • Public Conference

  • Community Action

    10 questions 10 people 5 teams

    Sharing what sustainability means within our local community and how we can promote it.

  • How You Can Find Us Website:





  • Future Plans?

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