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  • 1. Decoding QR Codes For Your Classroom qr code presentation Feel free to download an app now for your QR code viewing pleasure. Please download OnVert Viewer too. :)

2. QR Codes ... What are they? Q: Where have you seen them before ? A: Everywhere ! QR is short for Quick Response codes. They are like an electronic thumbprint. 3. QR CODES started in ... ... Japan 1994, to help track auto parts. Instead of a straight-line UPC barcode, they are a 2-dimensional barcode and can contain more information. 4. QR CODES can be fun ... QR codes have a 30% error rate, which means you dont have to use all the pixels in the picture. Logos and images can be inserted into them. 5. QR codes on TV ... 6. QR codes in the Arts ... 7. QR codes look like ... They can be scanned in any direction. Once scanned, they will give you the information associated with them. 8. What kind of data is read? calendar event contact information email address geo location phone number SMS plain text URL wifi network 9. How do you start ? Find a reader ... Apple devices : QR Reader Android : Barcode Scanner Blackberry : QR Code Scanner Pro 10. QR readers ... read them. Each dot represents information. As more information is added, more dots will appear. Good rule of thumb : less dense = better 11. Less dense = better Input as little information as you can to keep the QR code clear and easy to read ... Use a URL shortener to make long text short. Contrast ... : https://docs.google. com/a/bvsd. org/presentation/d/1ktk6dzl Q9Y-kBtPaI380-aoHSVtZoQiMbPPRg5E09o/e dit#slide=id.http://goo. gl/RP6P9q 12. URL shortener : Chrome extension 13. URL shortener : Website http://goo.gl/ http://tinyurl.com/ https://bitly.com/ 14. Make a QR code! zxing.appspot.com/generator/ 15. QR Codes at your school ... -> information signs posted outside your classroom 16. QR Codes at your school ... -> link to a google doc for sub plans 17. QR Codes at your school ... -> scavenger hunt around the school 18. QR Codes at your school ... -> use tools like qrvoice. net to have students link to their voice sample 19. QR codes in your classroom Consider... Whos making the code? Teacher or student? What is it linking to? How are you storing the resources? How reliable is your internet access? 20. QR codes in your classroom For Assessment To prevent grading bias students affix codes instead of headings To explain topics to review teachers attach codes that correspond to areas to improve To assess work without compromising it for sharing teachers link to grades** 21. QR codes in your classroom For Exploration To create webquests or scavenger hunts link to different tasks or resources To identify authors, artists and creators allow students to guess whose work is whose To hide answers & allow time for guesses 22. QR codes in your classroom For Annotations In an art class attach links to murals or big works to highlight details In a music class mark significant moments to showcase other performances In a history class biographies include a spoken component; maps are enriched In an English class/library for book recommendations 23. QR codes in your classroom For Differentiation Work on display can include different pointers for students at different levels Assignment sheets can emphasize different tasks and goals or link to different texts Oral directions can complement written ones Answers can be provided at individual paces 24. QR codes in your classroom For Classroom Management Put links to supplies to purchase on syllabus Have students record messages to parents on their desks for conferences Put links on a daily calendar to documents or videos for absent students 25. What about YOUR class? Brainstorm: By Purpose: Assessment, Exploration, Annotation, Differentiation, Management By Subject Area: English/LA, Math, Science, Social Studies, Fine/Performing Arts, Vocational Education, Special Education By Age: Elementary, Middle School, High School 26. OnVert : QR codes on steroids! Students use the iPads to 1) scan QR Code**, and then 2) scan the image relating to that QR code to reveal an Augmented Reality experience. There are 3 layers to this project. 1) Scan code; 2) scan image. 3) You can hear a voice, too. Click on the image at right to view the original source on video and see the example! **you must use the ONVERT app for this.. 27. Time to practice ... http://www.polleverywhere. com/free_text_polls/cP4QHUU0MdGgEtb 28. Q&A on QR codes 29. Sources for more ... ISTE presentation available on YouTube Kathy Schrocks QR Codes list --> google form --> input your information to a google spreadsheet, then it automatically turns it into a QR codeEdutopias 5 Reasons to love QR Codes and 12 Ideas for Teaching With QR Codes