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  2. 2. locationdatedatadocumentationtheresearcheradditionallearningthecommunitytheinformants
  3. 3. ieldnotesas witness...
  4. 4. to music
  5. 5. to movement
  6. 6. to a performance
  7. 7. ield notescapture sliceof life in theworkplace...
  8. 8. limitedfunds
  9. 9. linguisticdifference1999 BicutanI visited Taguig for the first time and met my newteacher Zeny Tonggo, introduced to me by KanapiaKalanduyan. We sat in her complex with other peoplepresent and she first tried to teach me Sinulog ah l d d l h hZheny Tanggo, 2000But even though we stayed in Manila,Kamamatuan, then later gave up and tried Binalig which we can speak Magindanao and playwas easier (apparently). Lots of people are sittingaround and gossiping about the new weird visitor fromAmerica who wants to learn kulintang. Kanapia isexplaining who I am and watches over me as fumblekulintang. My father and mothertaught us how to speak Magindanaon,e p a g o a a d a c es o e e u b e because some of our boardmates herearound with the Sinulog melody. Tricycles zoom byoutside the courtyard as I repeat the opening of theSinulog melody over and over, to the fascination andlater annoyance, Im sure, of the onlookers.that are talagang Muslim, dontknow.Sabi niya: Sabi yung lalaki, magandaThen she proceeds to demonstrate binalig. She playsthe beginning in real time then slows it downconsiderably for me. She holds my hands as I play. Andshe recites the number of the gongs: three, four, three,y y g gka raw. Magaling ka magkulintang.Hmm! Nagulit ako! Sabi angmatanda. Bakit ang haba mo g g , , ,four, sabay. She is incredibly patient and kind. Even I amgetting annoyed at how slow a learner I am. Okay, twophrases down and we start on the third. Now Im reallyconfused! I thought my training on the gamelan wouldhelp me since we also learned it by rote butmagkulintang? Sabi ko, Bakit ba?Pagapad sa Magindanao, may ibigsabihin siya, may meaning yungrote, agung niya i para sa akin. ki Kasi K i ako,khindi naiintindihan ang ibig sabihinng inaagung niya. Kulintang na akong kulintang kasi hindi ako nakapag We are sitting in his courtyard listening to a cassette.The dabakan is being played but Im not sure who isplaying what. I think its Kanapia on kulintang...And oldman had come out of the house, smoking a cigarette. Helooks as if he has just woke up and wears only shorts Ino...besides children are coming over to bang on thegongs Im not banging on and I am getting weary anddistracted.kulintang, nakapagaralang anong ibig sabihin ito.shorts. feel like Im in the province where people are justcoming in and out of the house, informally watching usor joining or passing through. He speaks with Kanapia inMagindanao and were not really introduced beforethey start playing Tagonggo.Kanapia is showing me the dabakan to Tagonngo. Walang ibang tunog ng dabakan. Then he shows me thebabandil part, fast. Then the slow version which is thesame. I ask if there is a Tagonggo Kandungudan, butthey say no. Suddenly the old man joins theconversation without any introduction and speaksperfect English. I am surprised.Walang Kangungudan, Walang Kamamatuan, BastaTagonggo LANG! They both say and laugh at the rhyme.Kondal Mandigan is his name, I found out later.
  10. 10. technicalinsufficiencies
  11. 11. personalresponsibilitiesThis was a meeting whenwriting a proposal forfunding for a research ofthe Banaos of Kalinga andAbra in 2004-2006.In this project, the Banaoelder was not merely aninformant but an activecollaborator in theresearch. Place names ofAbra appear in the notes,although the meeting tookplace in MountainProvince.I physically took the notesin Mt. Province in 2004,while discussing matterswith a Banao elder whovisited me in Sagada,Mountain Province when Ihad to be there to attendmy family obligation ritualof my in-laws a few daysbefore the deadline.Michiyos notes withcipher notation anddoodles of and for 5year old son, Ken
  12. 12. clear andpresent danger