Fun Learning For Kids - Football Trivia

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Teach children the basics of football through a fun trivia activity!

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  • 1. Weekly Childrens Newspaper EOTO : Football Trivia Fun Learning for Kids Weekly Childrens Newspaper

2. Footie Word Search! List 7 football-related terms. Weekly Childrens Newspaper 3. A game of football cannot be played without fouls. List the most common fouls caused in football? Weekly Childrens Newspaper 4. When a football player causes a foul, the referee sanctions a card based on their behaviour. What do the following two penalty cards stand for? Weekly Childrens Newspaper 5. Bend It LikeList who is your favourite football player and why. Weekly Childrens Newspaper 6. Identify the two football goalkeepers. Weekly Childrens Newspaper 7. Expand the names of the following football associations: Weekly Childrens Newspaper a. FIFA b. AFC c. UEFA 8. Answers: 1. Goalpost, Score, Foul, Referee, Ball, Stadium, Tackle 2. Kicks or attempts to kick an opponent, trips or attempts to trip an opponent, jumps at an opponent, strikes or attempts to strike an opponent, pushes an opponent, tackles an opponent, holds an opponent, spits at an opponent, touches the ball (except for the goalkeeper) 3. Red: Player is sent off from the game, Yellow: Player has been cautioned 4. A: Julio Cesar, B: Joe Hart 5. a: Federation of Association Football, b: Asian Football Confederation, c: Union of European Football Associations Weekly Childrens Newspaper 9. Thank You! Connect with us @ Weekly Childrens Newspaper Print this slideshow to teach kids offline!