Greetings and farewells

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Presentation on greetings and farewells in te reo Mori.


  • 1. K Mihi me k Mihi Haere Greetings and Farewells Te Reo and Tikaka for Ceremonial Use Link to Printable Version
  • 2. Mind Map Saying hello in Saying hello in English English
  • 3. K Mihi Greetings Tn koe Hello Tn krua Hello to two people Tn koutou Hello to three or more Tn ttou Hello to all of us
  • 4. K Mihi Greetings Kia ora Hi Kia ora koutou Hi everyone Kia ora ttou Hi to all of us
  • 5. K Mihi Greetings Ata mrie Good morning Ahi mrie Good afternoon P mrie Good evening
  • 6. K Mihi ki te Karaihe Greeting a Class K mihi ki a koutou katoa Greetings to you all Nau mai, haere mai ki tnei karaihe Welcome to this class
  • 7. Kei te phea koe? How are you? Kei te phea koe?
  • 8. Kei te phea koe? How are you? Kei te pai au Im fine Ka nui te pai Im great Kei te ngenge au Im tired Kei te puri au Im sad
  • 9. K Mihi Haere Farewells Ka kite an See you later Ka kite kuanei See you soon Ka kite pp See you tomorrow Ka kite tr wiki See you next week
  • 10. K Mihi Haere Farewells Ata haere Haere r Hei knei r Goodbye to someone who is leaving
  • 11. K Mihi Haere Farewells E noho r Noho ora mai r Goodbye to someone who is staying
  • 12. Parakatia - Practice Practice using these greetings at work, to friends and family Answering the phone Greeting colleagues Welcoming students to your class The following link has been posted on Moodle: Greetings


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