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  1. 1. How to Choose CAPM Exam Prep Course? Requirement for CAPM For applying in the CAPM, the candidate should have three main requirements. First of all, a Secondary level degree should be there. second1y, candidate must have 500 hours of project team experience Thirdly, candidate must have minimum 24 hours of project management education. Basics of Passing CAPM Read PMBOK Guide: PMBOK Guide is the important source for exam questions. It tells you the structure of Exam. This structure building helps you in knowing what to read and up to what extent. After PMBOK guide go back to your basic study material. Reading it for at least once is mandatory. Choosing Study Material wisely is the Key: There isplentyof materialavailable for CAPMexamprepcourse.Choose theminaccordance withthe latestversions.One of those resourcesisthe RitaMulcahysCAPMExamPrepbook.This bookcovers almost all aspects of the exam. Book comes up with practice questions and innovative tools and techniquesandoutputs(ITTOs).Anotheruseful material isPMPmanagementall inone examguide.It is written by Joseph Phillips and goes for its third edition. It is updated in respect for PMBOK Guide Fifth Edition. This guide is useful for CAPMand PMP both exams. Develop a basic study plan and devote a regular time to study: Thisstage comesunderthe discipline.Byskippingthisgenerationoldrule,youwill neverclearCAPM inyour whole life.Inotherwords,plantostudyinhandychunksand establishthe disciplinetofollow plan.Basic studyhere meanshowmuchtime youplanto spendperday,whatyou are studying, what topics you will cover, and through which mode. Attend Practice exams on topics where are weak: In any subject if you feel are not too good thenattendpractice exams to know where you stand and how much efforts you require. Aim for at least 85 percent to gain confidence for real exam.


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