How to Create a Photography Website

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Creating a photography website doesn't need to be difficult and expensive. Read this guide.


<ul><li>1.*</li></ul> <p>2. *Are you planning to create your own photography website but dont know how. 3. **How do I create a professional looking photography website where I can feature my work, photos or even sell them? 4. * 5. * 6. * Solution-as-a-service photo hosting (SaaS) * Build website on a full-fledged web hosting service* 7. * Simpler website making method * Popular Examples * Zenfolio and Smugmug* 8. * save hours of education to become a web developer* impressive degree of freedom and customization* fast way to share photos online with your potential customers* 9. * 10. * Create self-hosted website * Use own web hosting account * Use own registered domain * Cheaper * Use of content management system* 11. * Registered Domain Name * gives site its unique identity * register domain name at any accredited best domain registrar * Godaddy * Namecheap* 12. * Things You Need * Web Hosting Account with Cpanel and auto-installer support* Registered Domain* 13. * Website Hosting * Have cpanel and auto-installer support * best cheap web hosting provider * Reliable * meets your web hosting requirements* 14. * Content Management System * Use Wordpress * easily installed via auto-installer * popular content management system and blogging platform* Huge selections of themes and plugins * Minimal coding * User-friendly* 15. Used by successful shutterbugs, photojournalists and paparazzos 16. unique and highly interactive WordPress theme with 3 preset skinsWowway 17. AnanAnan premium photography theme with custom posttype, unlimited colors and image uploader for shutterbugs 18. Tripod 19. photography WP Theme with GeotaggingAutoFocus 20. unique custom-written slider and great for both portrait and landscape photographySelf Titled 21. responsive theme perfect for photographersFashion9 22. great canvas for showcasing your workPhotoPro 23. magazine inspired WordPress theme for photojournalistFluxus 24. great one page WP theme with tons of options and features907 25. provides a very flexible, drag drop tool to manage your galleryIncidental 26. fully responsive theme with 5 different layoutsSquaregrid 27. responsive photo portfolio with 6 creative gallery templatesCrius 28. simple or minimalist but creative theme for shutterbugsSquared 29. one page photography themeVerticality 30. cool photography portfolio themePhotolux 31. * At Zenfolio, you have to pay 12% fee when yousell products from partner labs, pay 4% fee when you self-fulfill your own orders, and pay 8% fee when you sell digital products. If you host your own website, you pay nothing from your sale (as oppose to the first option above) 32. * Unlimited storage space * for photos * foreverything else related to your business (including PDFs, presentations, videos, raw images, designs, digital products) 33. * host more domain names (even for your wife) * Multi domain hosting features 34. * Minimal Cost * Pay only for the web hosting cost which is only about $10/month 35. * Hostgator * fast customer support and unbelievable uptime * cPanel support * Auto-installer support like Fantastico * consult Live Chat * Try for almost free </p>